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This page gives presents a “quick start guide” to our behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines. We’re not saying that you don’t need to read anything else here, but this page will give you a very good overview of the guidelines, what is expected of you, and what you can expect regarding these topics.

Overview …

Due to our mainstream orientation, we have certain guidelines for behavior, dress, and restroom usage, which all attendees are expected to observe.

Yes, we take these very seriously! Why? Throughout our history, although incidents have been few and far between, when they do happen the results are embarrassing and devastating. Not only have incidents totally ruined an otherwise magnificent vacation for some attendees, but the short-term and long-term effects and consequences are felt by others in the group, immediately, and for years to come.

However, please don’t be concerned about these guidelines resulting in a stodgy, staid, or uptight climate at DLV! Our climate is very open, light-hearted, and jovial. It’s only when the breaking of these guidelines makes it less such that action will be taken.

The driving force behind our behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines is:

Consideration Of Others!

The principle that forms the basis of all of our behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines is that of being considerate to others. Yes, the purpose of Diva Las Vegas is to have fun, a lot of fun, but the “Golden Rule Of DLV” is not to have your fun at the expense of others.


Guidelines at a glance …
  • All attendees are expected to behave as a lady or gentleman, in accordance with the gender being presented at the time.
  • Behavior which attracts unnecessary attention to one’s self, other individuals, or the group as a whole, is not allowed.
  • Behavior intended to flaunt transgenderism or gender-bending is not allowed.
  • Any behavior which demonstrates a blatant lack of consideration of others will not be tolerated.
  • Confrontive or disruptive behavior will result in dismissal from all further DLV participation.
  • Patently illegal behavior (drugs, pandering, etc.) will be
    reported to the authorities.
  • Dress guidelines apply to DLV activities which are held in mainstream (general public) venues. There will usually be no enforcement of dress guidelines at “safe venue” activities, but exceptions may occur. These exceptions will be clearly noted on the final schedule.
  • Dress suggestions for all activities will appear on
    the final schedule.
  • Dress and presentation must be either complete boymode or complete girlmode at any given time. Mixed-mode, incomplete outfits, “dressing from the neck down”, “skag-drag”, etc. are not allowed.
  • All attendees are expected to make a conscientious effort to project a presentable image in the mode being presented.
  • Hairstyles must be appropriate for the gender being presented.
  • Obvious facial hair when presenting in girlmode is not allowed.
  • Obvious use of cosmetics when presenting in boymode is not allowed.
  • Outfits must be age-appropriate, height-appropriate, and size-appropriate for the wearer. (“Age” means the physiological age of your body since birth, not “how old you feel” or some kind of virtual age of your persona.)
  • Outfits must be occasion-appropriate, meaning within the bounds of what is usual and customary for a woman (or man) of your age and size to wear to such an activity.
  • Unless otherwise noted, very casual to moderately dressy attire, boymode or girlmode, is appropriate for DLV activities. Exceptions to this will be clearly noted on the final schedule.
  • Casual dress is required for certain daytime activities such as shopping and side trips.
  • Dressy and formal attire is encouraged at several of our upscale evening activities.
  • Outfits which are more exotic are permitted and encouraged at designated activities. This will be noted on the final schedule.
  • Unless otherwise noted, costumes, clubwear, and slutty/fetish attire are not allowed at mainstream activities.
  • You are on your own to decide what public facilities you will use, if any, in accordance with the guidelines below. DLV organizers and volunteers do not have the authority to grant you permission to use any restroom, or to use any facility on any property not under their control.
  • Please be aware that when restroom incidents occur, it is often not the guilty party who suffers the consequences. Misusing a public restroom is a very good way to get somebody else in trouble!
  • If you choose to use public restrooms, use them properly, discreetly, and individually.
  • If unisex restrooms are available, please use them.
  • Never never ever use a public restroom in groups!
    This practice shows blatant disregard for others and will not be tolerated.
  • Avoid any obvious use of public restrooms. Do not conspicuously enter a public restroom in the immediate vicinity of obvious groups of our attendees. Seek facilities far removed from where groups of our people may be congregating and holding the attention of onlookers.
  • Seek restrooms which are away from crowds and heavily-traveled areas.
  • If you are confronted by management, security, or another patron, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! Do not explain anything, do not assert your right to be there. Quickly apologize and get out!
  • It may be noted that recently-enacted legislation prohibits discrimination in public accommodations in the State of Nevada based upon, among other things, gender identity and gender expression. As of this writing it is unknown as to what effect, if any, this legislation will have on the use of gender-designated restrooms. Until an authoritative legal opinion on this topic emerges, please continue to follow our long-standing restroom guidelines.

What will be expected of you:

We expect all attendees to be considerate of others and to respect the behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines, in practice and in attitude.

We expect those who may be of advanced standing (many years public exposure, full-time, fully-transitioned, DLV organizers and volunteers, noted persons in the TG community, etc.) to help set the example and abide by the guidelines, and encourage others to do so as well.

What you can expect:

You can expect to be required to agree to abide by our behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines as a condition of registration.

You can expect to be reminded of our guidelines, verbally and/or in writing, when you check in to DLV.

Should you show up at a mainstream DLV function in an outfit that is clearly out of compliance with our dress guidelines, you can expect to be immediately and firmly confronted, taken out of sight and out of earshot of the main DLV group, and told to go change. Should you become
confrontive or hostile, you can expect to be dismissed from all further DLV participation.

To whom do the behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines apply?

The guidelines apply to all Diva Las Vegas attendees, including friends, SOs, family members, and guests.

There are no exceptions.


Because there is no consistently fair and practical method to determine who needs to be bound by these guidelines and who does not.

If you are of the opinion that our behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines should not apply to you for any reason, sorry, DLV is not for you.

Myths and Misunderstandings …

Unfortunately there are a few misunderstandings which are currently circulating, regarding our behavior, dress, and restroom guidelines, and the methods by which they are enforced.

Misunderstanding: There is pressure to persuade DLV attendees to dress more casually and in more conservative styles.

No, for over 95% of our attendees, those who know how to dress and how to behave, there is no pressure to adjust the style of dress and presentation at all. For those who like to dress up and do so with style and class, please continue to do so.

Misunderstanding: The DLV organizers are attempting in vain to make the group totally
invisible to onlookers.

No, we realize that this is impossible.However, when our attendees are in the general public, we want to project as positive an image as can be possible.We also know that many of our attendees want as little public attention as is possible, and we ask all to acknowledge this desire and respect it. Consideration of others, that’s what it’s all about!

Myth: Attendees have been asked to leave for petty violations of the dress guidelines.

Throughout our history, there is only one singular case of a registered attendee being asked to leave an activity for an inappropriate outfit. This person was invited back upon changing.

Total fiction: Some DLV organizers, whose style is extremely casual, are attempting to
impose their style upon all attendees.

This is patently false. DLV organizers and volunteers respect the personal style of all attendees as long as it’s considerate of others. It is only when the extreme personal style is affecting the group as a whole that any action will be taken.

Myth: One or two self-appointed “Fashion Cops” have taken it upon themselves to patrol DLV activities and throw their weight around when they notice the slightest violation.

No organizer or volunteer, regardless of position or standing, is allowed to unilaterally enforce behavior, dress, or restroom guidelines. If any action is taken, multiple organizers are consulted and a consensus is reached among them before an attendee is approached.

Myth: The DLV organizers are biased against and prejudiced against those who cannot pass.

Your ability to pass is a totally neutral factor toward you being welcome to participate in DLV.Other neutral factors are such things as your age, your size, your racial and ethnic background, your national origin, and your belief system.What matters is you attitude toward yourself and toward others,
your willingness to make a conscientious attempt to project a presentable image, and your willingness to consider others as well as yourself.

Total fiction: There is a Diva Las Vegas rule that says that attendees are not to use a public ladies room at any time.

This, again, is patently false. See “Restroom Usage” above.

Chapter and verse:

Diva Las Vegas Dress Guidelines

Diva Las Vegas Behavior Guidelines

Diva Las Vegas Restroom Guidelines

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