Dressing and the Weather

Statistically, we can expect warm (but not overly hot) days, with the highs in the high 70′s and low 80s, and cool (but not cold) nights with lows in the upper 50′s, during DLV. There’s quite a bit of variation, and we’ve seen cool days and cold nights, and very hot days and warm nights over our history.

Let’s discuss some of the outfits that are appropriate for the inside and outside climate that we can expect, and think about what will definitely work, what may work, and what won’t work.

In general, you will want to plan your outfits for warm days, cool to warm evenings, and moderately cool to very cool indoors at all hours.

Your daytime outfits:

Daytime outfits, particularly if you wish to do any of the outdoor activities, should be comfortable for you to wear in 80-ish degree weather for several hours.

Daytime in late March and April in Las Vegas is usually short sleeve weather. If you prefer long sleeves, they most likely won’t look out of place enough to attract attention, but you may be a bit (or quite a bit) warm outdoors.

A few comments about the outfits you’re likely to see in Las Vegas during the day …

You’ll see tank tops, halter tops, and tube tops in Las Vegas during the day, and even at night. These are quite comfortable in warmer weather, but they do not work very well for most TG’s, particulary for those with broad or prominent shoulders or large upper arms. Those individuals should stick with the more traditional blouses, shirts, or pullover tops.

Tube tops and halter tops frequently reveal a lot of cleavage, or more importantly for this discussion, the lack of it! The image is made worse if makeshifts such as padding and/or tape are visible!

In the daytime, your top outer garment should cover all underwear, including any padding, taping, etc.

Yes, visible bras and visible bra straps are quite fashionable and are seen quite frequently. However, unless you are under 30 and under 130, you should probably avoid the look of visible bra straps on bare
shoulders. One rule of thumb is that the more skin you show, the more you risk being read. :(

Likewise, another thing to consider is that a top which is transparent enough to distinctly show the bra is transparent enough to show such things as padding, taping, and the lack of natural boobage.

Before you venture out in public in a tube top, tank top, or halter top, be sure to very carefully inspect yourself in a mirror from the side, from the top, and from the back. Many breast devices used by TG’s do not simulate the natural line of the human breast where it extends to the side of the chest and under the arm. This is a dead giveaway!

The same applies to such things as sundresses with off-the-shoulder or halter necklines.

Remember, observers in the general public do notice these things, and some actively attempt to catch a peek! (“Get a good look, Costanza?!”)

Yes, you will see the bare midriff and the bare tummy, as these looks are quite fashionable with the younger set. Notice the word “younger” here! If you are over 30 or over 130, please don’t even attempt this look! It will backfire on you! Even if you are fortunate enough to be under 30 and under 130, be very careful if you try this! It very seldom works with the members of our community!

Shorts are commonly worn in Las Vegas by visitors and tourists. The one thing to keep in mind with shorts (and with some slacks and jeans) is that many styles emphasize the rear, or the lack of one!

If you don’t want to do shorts in the daytime, slacks or jeans that are not too heavy, as well as appropriate daytime dresses or skirts, will also be comfortable in all but the hottest situations.

The bottom of your outfit should cover all undergarments including all padding.

If you wear those padded panties or shapers, or use those sew-in or pin-in hip and rear pads, be aware that these often do not present a smooth line between the hips and the thighs.

Tight shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts, etc., will emphasize this discontinuity and will be another dead giveaway!

Various styles of casual dresses will be seen in Las Vegas during the day, and yes, they are appropriate for most activities. Many of these have a tropical or Hawaiian style, and are available most anywhere as the springtime approaches. Hilo Hattie is a good source for these. Just keep in mind the “More skin, more risk” rule.

Even some longer dress styles, such as the muumuu and longer wrap dresses, will occasionally be seen in Las Vegas and they don’t look out of place at all.

However, any kind of obviously dressy longer dress, such as an evening gown, will look out of place in the daytime, and will attract (the wrong kind of) attention.

Bottom line for daytime girlmode, in most cases, most of you will want to stick with one of the casual styles discussed in other columns in this series, while watching the number of layers worn underneath. For daytime activities where a more dressy style is appropriate (Garden Party, High Tea) a dress of appropriate length (moderately short to “tea length”) or more dressy separates or coordinates may be
worn, again, keeping the undergarments appropriate for the anticipated temperature.

Should the daytime temperature approach 100F, as it has a couple times during DLV, please be very careful when venturing outside in any outfit. Perspiration ruins makeup, and passing out in public can be very embarrassing!

Your evening outfits:

Many of our attendees like the evenings simply because they can dress up a bit more without looking out of place. There’s nothing at all wrong with this.

Many in our community tend to wear, either by choice or perceived necessity, more layers underneath than are worn by the general public. This may be uncomfortably warm in the daytime outside, but may be quite comfortable, indoors or out, for most evenings.

About clubwear — Be Careful!

The styles of clubwear having features such as bare shoulders, bare backs, very short skirts, tight spandex, revealing cutouts, etc., are often attempted by members of our community, but seldom with any significant degree of success.

The “30/130″ rule applies here! :)

As with daywear, evening outfits should, with very few exceptions, cover all underwear, padding, etc.

Sheath or shift style dresses often work well for our attendees. These can be worn by those with just about any figure type and they are usually not too warm outside or too cool inside.

A long scarf, stole, or shawl can be carried and used when indoors or when it gets cool outdoors. These can coordinate well with fancy off-shoulder or spaghetti strap dresses, and they can provide a degree of coverage.

One look that can work in the evening, with consideration and restraint, is visible bra straps. This can give a very attractive layered look under a lace top or dress with translucent shoulders, if the style of the bra is coordinated to that of the outer garment. Do carefully watch the degree of transparency if you try this.

Coats, jackets, sweaters, etc.:

The most you will probably ever need as far as an outer wrap is concerned is something like a shawl, sweater, pullover, light jacket, big shirt, etc., and you might not need these at all. Coats should not be needed at all this time of year.

If you don’t have a “girlmode” jacket or sweater, you may find that many of those you wear in boymode will be perfectly fine for girlmode too. Things like the half-zip pullovers sold almost anywhere are sufficiently unisex to be worn in either mode.

For casual wear, those blue denim or chambray shirts make a good outer layer for cool mornings and can be taken off and carried easily when the temperature warms up. You will see these frequently in Las Vegas. They are sold almost everywhere.

One popular look, which is liked by some and hated by others, is to tie a sweater or big shirt around your waist, letting it cover your rear.

For dressier outfits, the cloth or knit shawls can be obtained at most any accessory shop and those in a neutral color will coordinate with almost anything.

The bolero, particularly in a coordinated or neutral color, can make a very nice addition to a strapless or spaghetti strap dress. Although these are often sold as part of a coordinated set, you do see them on sale separately if you look around.

Ironically, one of the places where a wrap may come in handy is inside, on the casino floor. Casinos can be quite cool, even cold.

One other note about the weather. Although it seldom rains in Las Vegas, when it does it can be very heavy and can come on with very little warning. Pack a small umbrella with you, and keep it handy, you may just need it!