Dress Notes for Men

This item gives some general dress guidelines for men participating in Diva Las Vegas, including the following:

    • Male friends, guests and SOs of DLV attendees.


    • “Admirers” participating in DLV activities.


    • F to M DLV participants.


  • Any DLV attendees choosing to dress in “boymode” part of the time or all of the time.

One important note:

The one general DLV dress regulation that applies to men as well as women is that dress and presentation must be either complete boymode or complete girlmode at any given time. Mixed mode, “partial crossdressing”, “skag-drag”, “dressing from the neck down”, etc., are not allowed at Diva Las Vegas.

Yes, we’re aware that some TG events permit or tolerate such styles, but they are not allowed at DLV.

Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

For most daytime DLV activities, “comfortable casual” (jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc.) will be fine. This is the customary “uniform of the day” worn by tourists and visitors in Las Vegas during the day.

For most evening DLV activities, “smart casual” or “business casual” is suggested, but “comfortable casual” will be fine in most cases too.

Jacket and tie, while not required, would be appropriate for such things as most happy hours, most dinners, the shows, the Limo Tour, etc.

Jacket and tie will be required for men attending the English High Tea.

Other notes for admirers appear HERE

That was short, wasn’t it? :)