Dressing and the Daily Schedule

This item will discuss dress, timing, and the daily DLV schedule.

Tempus Fugit!

One frequently reported problem is DLV participants missing activities because they get into a time crunch, often times having to do with getting made up and getting ready.

It is never intended that any individual do, or even attempt to do everything on the schedule.

Every DLV attendee will need to plan their personal DLV schedule taking into consideration the amount of time needed to get ready, get to the activity location, etc.

Hopefully this article will help alleviate some of these issues.

Dressing for an entire day, or for several days in a row, can be a bit overwhelming for those who are just used to dressing for an occasional group meeting or evening out every so often. However, with some planning and a few tricks, it can be quite do-able.

Again, this is presented with emphasis toward those who are new(er) to public exposure.

Let’s look at a hypothetical daily schedule. We won’t use any day in particular, but use an example that has activities typical of what you might see at DLV, with example daytime and evening activities.

  10:45am Side trip
  11:00am Shopping tour
   1:00pm Lunch With Ginger
   2:00pm Walk Off Your Lunch
   6:00pm Happy Hour
   7:00pm Nice Dinner
   9:00pm Big Show

You will find that you can’t do everything. You’ll have to pick and choose according to your personal likes and dislikes and any limits you have on such things as cash or energy.

The first items on our imaginary day at DLV will be a choice between a side trip or shopping.

If you want to go on either of these, you should plan to rise no later than 8:00, earlier if you want to have breakfast before you go, or if you need additional time.

If you’re not very experienced with routine skin/hair care and makeup, you’ll find that you will need about (at least) 2 hours from a cold start to be ready for action. (Some who are quite experienced also cite the 2-hour timeframe.) Also if you aren’t staying near the rendezvous point for these outings, plan on maybe 15-30 minutes or so of get-there time.

Also be sure to allow time to correct mistakes with eye makeup, hair, etc.

Timesaving hint:

If you’re one who does your nails daily, do your nail polish last. It’s natural to do this early in the process, but if it’s not fully dry, it can get messed up very easily, turning a time-crunch into a major disaster!

No, pantyhose and almost-dry nail polish do not mix! :(

Your outfit for shopping or a side trip must be casual. A mainstream venue means mainstream dress and mainstream behavior. You will also need comfortable shoes. There’s a bit of walking involved with both of these.

If you look at the women who shop in malls on a typical spring weekday, or visit the tourist attractions on a weekday morning, you will find that the outfits very often include such things as the shorts and tank top combo or jeans and t-shirt, quite often times with some type of athletic style shoes.

Now if you’re the “Dammit, I didn’t come all the way to Las Vegas to wear jeans!” type, you will also see casual separates and coordinates, those that are stylish and feminine, but not too dressy. Something like this would be an option for you.

Casual looks are discussed in detail in other articles in this series.

  1:00pm   Lunch With Ginger

You’ll have quite a bit of latitude in your outfit for the daily Lunch With Ginger. Almost any tasteful outfit from extremely casual to a moderately dressy daytime look will be fine.

If Lunch With Ginger will be your first activity of the day, plan on rising no later than 11:00am, earlier if you need travel time. Being fashionably late for Lunch With Ginger is fine, but if you push it, you may find that the party is breaking up just as you are arriving. :)

You will find some who attend Lunch With Ginger (and subsequent Walk-Off) in boymode and then clean up and change after. If you’re pressed for time or a bit shy of the buffet crowd, this will be fine.

 2:00pm   Walk Off Your Lunch

This needs to be casual, but it doesn’t have to be dowdy or frumpy. See notes above regarding stylish casual separates/coordinates. Heels are NOT recommended for this activity. Skip the heavy hardware too. :) And no, nobody’s gonna look down on you if you show up in boymode. :)

Underneath it all …

Undergarments are a personal choice. Some in our community wear certain types of undergarments because they enjoy wearing them, others wear certain types for reasons of figure control and/or enhancement.

One trap that many who are new to real-world public exposure fall into is wearing undergarments that become uncomfortable after a few hours or several hours.

If you’re on a side trip, at a nice dinner, at a production show, on a limo tour, etc., and what you’re wearing becomes hot or uncomfortable, it may be impossible to change!

Be sure that both your undergarments and your outerwear are comfortable on you for the length of time you plan to be spending in them!

An itchy bra or a shaper that’s too tight can most definitely spoil an otherwise wonderful day at DLV!

Day into evening:

Some of our attendees wear the same outfit from day into evening, and some prefer to change. That’s really a personal choice.

Here’s one very important point, and this is a trap that many of those who are new fall into.

You may think that your only option for the evening is to take a 2+ hour break, wash off your face, shave, start from point zero again and do all of your makeup over. Yes, quite a few DLV’ers do a complete change and re-do every afternoon.

Here’s a comment received in feedback a few years ago regarding time crunches and missed activities:

“Here’s what I think the problem is. It takes me three hours from bare metal till I’m ready to go out. End of the afternoon comes and I start looking real scruffy, so I have to take it all down to bare metal again and that takes another three hours.”

This can be very rough on the skin, and is time consuming and often times is unnecessary, even though you may be one with moderate to heavy facial hair.

If you use a gentle electric razor (one with a “foil” head is great for this) and a light touch, you can easily get rid of that “shadow” without damaging the foundation. Touch up face, eyes, lips, hair as needed. With a little practice you can overlay an evening look on a daytime look in no time. This cuts your day into evening change time from 2-3 hours to 1/2 hour or so.

   6:00pm   Happy Hour
   7:00pm   Nice Dinner
   9:00pm   Big Show

Happy Hour, Dinner, Big Show. What you wear for the evening will most likely be determined by how many of these and which of these you would like to do. There really won’t be any time to change between these.

About anything from casual to dressy, even a long dress if you feel like it, is fine for all of these. If you don’t want to change, your daytime outfit will most likely be fine. If you want to dress up a bit more, that will be fine too.

When you plan your outfit for these evening activities, also consider what you may be doing AFTER your last DLV activity, such as gaming, clubbing, early breakfast, etc., when planning your outfit.

When you retire for the evening:

Although it may be very late and you may be very tired and not very lucid, take the time to properly remove your makeup and do a bit of skin care. This is particularly important if you’re not used to making up each day. Clean your face with a mild face soap or cleanser. Be sure to get it all off. You will want to then use a moisturizing lotion even if you don’t think you need it. You will thank yourself in the morning. Las Vegas tends to be very dry, and even skin that’s naturally oily can get
dry and sore.