Dress Introduction

This is a collection of articles on dress and related topics, most which have been previously published in various forms, for DLV attendees. Some have been rewritten and updated for this collection. Links to other articles in this series appear at the top of this article.

Since most of these have been previously published at different times and under different circumstances, some duplication (and even some contradiction) may occur.

These are intended for multiple audiences, including:

  • Those who are new to public exposure who want some general and specific information regarding dress, including acquiring a wardrobe, various styles of dress, what to wear where, etc.
  • Those of any experience level who want to know what is suggested for dress for various DLV activities.
  • Those whose style of dress is such that they need to know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to wear to the various DLV activities.

So, just what is the “Dress Code” for Diva Las Vegas?

The general dress guideline, or “Dress Code” if you want to call it that, for Diva Las Vegas is that for all DLV activities, dress must be appropriate for the age, height, and size of the wearer, and within the bounds for what is usual and customary to be worn to such an activity.

This guideline has been published in one form or another since the very early days of DLV. No changes to this general guideline have been made in the recent past.

But what about that big crackdown just before DLV 2004, and that new super-strict dress code that went into effect just then?

Here’s the story … — First, there’s no new “super-strict dress code” or anything like that.

Following DLV 2003 we received multiple complaints about a small minority within our group whose dress and behavior attracted unwanted negative attention to themselves and to the group as a whole in mainstream locations.

The DLV organizers decided to clarify what is expected from the DLV participants regarding dress, behavior, and restroom usage, the three items that elicited multiple complaints.

The one principle which emerged is that which forms the philosophy behind all of our dress, behavior, and restroom guidelines, and that is:

The purpose of DLV is to have fun — a lot of fun!

However, do not have your fun at the expense of others!

The only significant change is that from DLV 2004 forward, it is very explicitly “un-cool” to intentionally dress or misbehave in mainstream public in a manner which brings unwanted attention to our group.

This has, unfortunately, been misinterpreted to mean several things, one of which is a limitation on your options of what to wear, and another being a presure to wear more conservative and more casual styles. These are, most definitely, misunderstandings.

The expectations regarding dress for over 98% of our attendees, who know how to dress and behave properly, have not changed at all!

The DLV organizers also realized that there is a demand for more dress-up activities, as well as for those activities where it is indeed appropriate to dress flashy and trashy, if desired. The current DLV lineup of activities reflects this.

If you would like more detail of how our activities are classified, keep reading below. Otherwise you can follow the links above to other articles in this series.

Activity Classes

The DLV organizers have divided the activities into four very broad categories, each which has its own general sets of guidelines, requirements, and issues regarding dress. These are four very general categories, and not an enumeration from most dressy to least dressy, or most permissive to least permissive.

These categories are:

“Safe Venue” activities: Safe Venue activities are those activities held in locations where DLV attendees will be the only occupants, or in locations patronized primarily by members of the LGBT community. In general, the facilities used for Safe Venue activities are the most TG-friendly and the least intimidating to those who are new to going out in public.

Some examples of Safe Venue activities include:

  • Alternative Bar Crawl
  • Dance Night at an alternative club
  • Metropolitan Community Church services

Dress suggestions will be given for Safe Venue activities, ranging from casual to dressy, depending on time, place, and circumstance, but usually no enforcement of dress guidelines will be made at Safe Venue activities.

“Major Venue” activities: Major Venue activities are those activities held in venues which are general-public in nature, where most of those present will be DLV participants. Some interaction with the general public may be expected at Major Venue activities.

Examples of Major Venue activities include:

  • Welcome and Closing celebrations
  • Large dining activities
  • Night of the Soiled Doves

Dress suggestions will be given for Major Venue activities depending on time, place, and circumstance. Enforcement of dress guidelines at Major Venue activities will occur if one’s dress is clearly inappropriate for such an activity.

DLV Mainstream activities: DLV Mainstream Activities occur in venues which are open to and shared with the general public. It is expected that contact between the general public and DLV participants will occur at all DLV Mainstream activities.Examples of DLV Mainstream Activities include:

  • Daily Lunch With Ginger
  • Limousine Tour
  • Production shows
  • Golf match

DLV Mainstream Activities will be clearly marked “This is a mainstream activity” on the final schedule sent out in the Large Final Mailing.

Dress for DLV Mainstream Activities must be age-appropriate, size-appropriate, and occasion-appropriate.

Dress guidelines will be enforced at DLV Mainstream Activities.

Those inappropriately dressed will be asked to leave or sent back to change. Anyone who becomes confrontive or abusive when told to go change will be dismissed from all further DLV participation.

Non-DLV activities: These are activities which include DLV participants which do not appear on our schedule, and those over which the DLV organizers have no authority. Examples of Non-DLV activities include:

  • Casual early-morning breakfast at a coffee shop.
  • Late-night gatherings at a casino bar.
  • Various recreational and tourist activities.

Although there can be no enforcement of dress guidelines at Non-DLV activities, we ask all to please dress and act appropriately when in the general public, and please help to set a good example of DLV and of the TG community.