Dress guidelines for DLV attendees:

Suggested dress guidelines will be posted on the activity schedule for
each activity.

For all activities, you may dress in either complete boymode or complete
girlmode, and you are expected to make a serious attempt to dress in a
presentable manner, in good taste, and in a manner appropriate for that

For activities held in mainstream (general public) locations, you are
expected to dress according to what is considered usual and customary to
blend with the general population for that activity. Although the DLV
organizers do not wish to hamper your individuality, you are expected to
dress in a manner which reflects appropriate age, size, style, and
modesty for mainstream activities.

Dressing in a manner intended to flaunt transgenderism or to attract
attention is NOT acceptable.

Admission to DLV activities may be denied to those whose dress is
clearly inappropriate for that particular activity.

Please remember that your dress and behavior in public as an individual
does reflect on the group as a whole. Over the past 7 years we've built
up the reputation of being fun loving ladies and gentlemen, but decent
and well-behaved. Let's do what we can to keep this image.

When selecting an outfit for any activity, consider all of the

 * Your personal style, your likes and dislikes, your comfort level.

 * Your age, height, weight, body type, and fitness level.

 * The time, place, and circumstance of the activity.

When selecting an outfit to be worn to a mainstream public area, also
consider what the majority of women of your age, height, weight, and
fitness level will be wearing, and choose your outfit to be well within
the boundaries of what is usual and customary for these women to be
wearing to such an activity.

Avoid the following, which are common mistakes made by those who are
new to appearing in public:

 * Overdressing. Observe and follow the others of your age and size.

 * Dressing one generation behind. Many of our community seem to like
to dress the styles that were popular during their teenage years. Try
to be reasonably current with your fashion selections.

 * Dressing one generation ahead. Someone in her 40's looks grossly out
of place dressing as a teenager.

 * Not considering size, height, weight, and fitness level in selecting
an outfit. GG's who are 6'3" do not wear 5" spike heels to the mall.
Likewise, BBW's who are over 200lbs don't wear bare-midriff outfits,

 * Being TOO natural! Unless you are youthful and have no facial hair
and flawless skin, yes you need at least SOME makeup. Likewise, the
average male body does need at least *SOME* padding and/or control to
assume a feminine figure.