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Constructing Realistic Breast Forms

This page was last updated October 30, 1999.

If you are attempting to go forward with a project like this, please be sure to keep current on the NOTES page which will be updated frequently.

This is a preliminary report of an ongoing project to discover an economical way to produce a workable breast form.

Most members of the T-community need some kind of augmentation to their natural breast tissue. Four options are commonly available:

1. Natural growth, aided by hormones. This will not be included in this discussion.

2. Surgical augmentation. Again, this will not be discussed here.

3. Commercial products, ranging from cheap novelties, traditional "Falsies", foam-rubber and fiberfill forms, to very expensive silicone-based forms.

4. Makeshifts and home-made devices, ranging from wadded-up paper or fabric, to very ingenious creations.

The goal of this project is to create a form that has the advantages of the high-priced commercial forms at a cost that is within the budget of almost everyone.

The result should:

1. Be constructed of readily-obtainable materials.

2. Be easy enough to construct that the average person can do it with little difficulty.

3. Be realistic in appearance and feel (under clothing) such that it cannot be detected without intimate inspection.

4. Be convenient and comfortable to wear for an extended period of many hours at a time.

5. Be rugged enough so the wearer can participate in almost any normal social activity, including moderate athletics, in all climates and conditions, without danger of damage or rupture.

6. Be constructed of inert materials, such that contact with the body will not cause any discomfort or injury, and that rupture or damage will not cause permanent damage to the wearer or to the wearer's clothing.

NOTICE: Since this project was started, there has been much publicity about allergic reactions to products containing latex rubber. The materials I've been working with contain natural latex rubber and silicone rubber. Before you attempt to duplicate these efforts, please be sure that you do not have allergies to latex rubber and/or silicone rubber, or any of the other materials used in the construction.

As of this writing, I've had significant success in obtaining these goals, and I'll discuss the methods used so far. The big "Stress Test" was a recent trip to Kansas City where I wore the forms for about 17 hours straight with no adverse effects.

I'm going to break this discussion down into two main parts:

1. The construction of the outer portion, or casing of the form.

2. The material(s) used to fill the form.

DISCLAIMER: (yeah, I hate this too) If you choose to try something like this, remember that there are risks as well as rewards. Although almost everything I'll talk about here is recognized as "safe", don't expect me to be responsible if you get hurt. If something breaks, you own all the pieces. If something spills, clean it up. If you cut yourself, put a bandaid and antseptic on it, but don't send me your medical bills. Don't eat any of the materials used in this project. If you get read, practice your makeup. If a form ruptures and you get blue goo all over your 1955 Dior original, don't send me the cleaning bill. Enough of that, I think you get the point.

If you wish to follow my steps, the first one is to find a cheap full- breast form that fits you properly. I used a 20-year-old form made of polyurethane that cost about $5 back in the 1970's.

The next step is to construct a durable mold from this form, and use this to produce the actual casings.
Making the casing

The next step is to obtain the material with which to fill the casings.
Materials to fill the forms (original procedure)
Materials to fill the forms (updated procedure)

And the final step is to put it all together.
Putting it all together

Misc. Notes and Issues

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