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Breast Forms are used to give the appearance of natural human breasts by those who, by lack of natural breast tissue or by loss of natural breasts, desire the usual and expected appearance of the natural bustline. Members of the TG Community, from casual crossdressers to transition-track individuals who do not opt for augmentation mammoplasty, will usually have a great interest in breast forms.


Types of forms

  1. Commercially-prepared forms.
    Clinical-grade triangle form, front and rear views
    • Clinical-grade forms.
      These are the most desirable and are almost always the most expensive.

      They are produced primarily for women who have lost a natural breast due to disease, injury, surgery, etc. These are usually full-breast forms, constructed of a silicone plastic or other ductile casing filled with a silicone compound which approximates the weight and specific gravity of a natural human breast. Some lower-priced clinical forms use a mineral oil based filler rather than silicone.

      Most clinical forms are produced in one of two shapes, These are the "teardrop", which is intended to be worn with the "tail" extending toward the underarm, and the "triangle", which adds fullness over the bustline as well as toward the underarm area.

      Clinical forms are sometimes sold with a special bra which has pockets within the cups for the forms, but they are often worn in a regular bra. Sometimes they are attached to the chest using a surgical-grade adhesive.

    • TG specialty shop forms.
      Dual form with harness bra attached
      Vendors catering to the TG Community often stock a wide variety of forms, ranging from inexpensive forms to clinical-grade forms. Full breast forms filled with a mineral oil compound are commonly available through TG specialty shops.

      Some of the more novel products recently available through specialty shops include such things as dual-breast forms which can be worn without a bra using an almost invisible harness.

    • Lingerie shop forms.
      Traditional foam-rubber "falsies"
      Forms sold in lingerie shops range from the inexpensive traditional foam-rubber "falsies" to gel-filled push-up pads and in some cases to full-breast forms.

      Polyurethane full-breast form
      The primary market for lingerie shop forms is women who have natural breasts but desire some apparent enhancement.

      In the 1990s and early 2000s, push-up pads and partial-breast forms were very common, as surplus clinical-grade silicone gel was widely available.

      Padded bras of all types are available, most often with push-up pads intended to push up and add fullness to an otherwise natural bust. Bras with cups fully-lined with foam rubber, capable of adding up to two cup sizes in appearance, were once commonly available but are seldom produced or stocked today. Bras with foam, fiberfill, or gel-filled push-up pads are far more common.

      Ad for 1970s vintage inflatable bra
      One particular item of note, which was commonly available in the 1960s and 1970s and occasionally available today as new-old-stock, is the "blow-up" bra. This is an otherwise full-coverage bra with internal air-tight pockets which can be inflated to varying degrees, usually by mouth with a blow-up tube. When filled with air or in some cases with water or another substance, these did produce the appearance of a natural bustline. These are somewhat difficult to find today. Some novelty-grade similar products exist but no current producer of the original products is known.

    • Costume-grade forms.
      Costume and novelty shops often sell the cheaper "falsies", novelty-grade blow-up and padded bras, and similar items.

      Of special note is the stage illusion known as the "Treasure Chest", invented in 1972 by the female impersonator Pudgy Roberts. This consisted of a full-frontal chest, including breasts, of molded latex. It was not intended for everyday wear, but for stage performance. The upper boundary was concealed by a choker type necklace and sides and bottom were covered by the costume. With body makeup and stage lighting, this produced a very convincing almost-nude appearance when viewed by an audience. Modern versions of this illusion are available today from stage costume suppliers.

  2. Home-constructed forms.
    Preparing casing for a teardrop breast form
    Mixing an elastomer gel for breast form filler
    • Crossdressers often experiment with various makeshifts, such as tissue paper, handkerchiefs, socks, cotton balls, bean bags, balloons, etc., inserted into bra cups. Improved makeshifts include such things as water balloons, water-filled condoms, old pantyhose filled with rice, and variations on these themes.

      Some who are particularly handy have constructed more elaborate forms with molded latex or silicone casings and filled with such things as "blue ice", sanitizer gel, ultrasound gel, diluted petroleum jelly, and home-mixed "Boob Goo" elastomers. When properly constructed, these can rival the look, feel, and wearability of the far more expensive commercial forms.

Sizing and Fitting of Forms


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