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One who crossdresses, who (regularly or occasionally, fully or partially) wears the clothing intended for the opposite sex. Usually used in referring to a genetic male who wears womens clothing but who does not have a strong desire to transition.

Note that there is much disagreement within the Community regarding the meanings and the usage of the terms "Crossdresser", "Transvestite", and similar terms.

The popularity of the label "Crossdresser" increased steadily from the 1970's, with a corresponding decrease in the popularity of "Transvestite" as a self-identification. Some believe that the two terms are in fact synonyms, others insist that "Crossdresser" has less of a sexual or arousal connotation than "Transvestite" does.

The popularity of the label "Crossdresser" appears to have decreased since the year 2000 in favor of "Transgender(ist)" and variations.

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