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Silicone injection

A Pumping Party is a clandestine and usually illegal get-together for the purpose of facilitating physical enhancement of various body parts. The term comes from the "pumping" or injection of various fluids, usually into the breasts or buttocks but sometimes into the penis, lips, cheekbone areas, etc., for visual augmentation.

Intended results can be temporary, using fluids such as normal saline or allegedly-sterile water, in preparation for such things as a stage show or a special event. More often, however, results are intended to be permanent, using silicone compounds of questionable origin. Reports of enhancements using hardware-store silicone lubricants and industrial-grade elastomers are common.

Sterile techniques are usually lacking at pumping parties and local anesthetics are seldom used. In lieu of anesthetics, illicitly-obtained prescription strength pain killers, and/or copious doses of alcohol, are used to make the procedure, which can be very painful, more tolerable.

Many cases of severe medical complications, including fatalities, are on record as results of pumping parties. Those performing the injections have been convicted of various charges including the lower degrees of murder.

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