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Intersex refers to an individual born having physiological attributes atypical of one and only one sex. This term covers a broad range of conditions. There is no universal agreement among clinicians and subjects of the various conditions as to which conditions do and do not fall within the Intersex Spectrum.

Included in the conditions often said to fall within the Intersex Spectrum are:

  • Karyotype variations, other than the expected 46,XX or 46,XY.
  • Variations in the development and/or morphology of the internal and/or external reproductive organs.
  • Endocrine and/or endocrine sensitivity variations.
  • Physical, perhaps iatrogenic damage to internal and/or external reproductive organs.

This is not an exhaustive or all-inclusive list. Many other conditions are sometimes considered, by clinicians, subjects, and lay personnel, to be within the Intersex Spectrum as well.

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