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LGBT and many, many similar and related acronyms is used to denote the segment of society whose sexual anatomy/preference/identity and/or gender identity is something other than exclusively heterosexual and Cisgender(ed).

Expansions are often used to include other supportive individuals as well.

Acronym Dissection

(in alphabetical order)

A: Allies or Advocates (also Androgynous and Asexual)
B: Bisexual
G: Gay (can refer to male-only or male/female depending on context)
I: Intersex
L: Lesbian
Q: Queer or Questioning
S: Sensitive or Supporting
T: Transgender


  • 1980s: "GLB" in common usage.
  • 1990s: "GLBT" seen more commonly.
  • 2000s: Variations abound.
  • 2010s: "LGBT" becomes most common and preferred acronym.
    • "LGBTI", LGBTQ", and LGBTIQ" seen more commonly.
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