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Call For Photos ...

Postby administrator » Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:37 pm

We are fortunate to have the largest and most complete collection of
photos of any of the major TG events, reflecting all of our past 20

Of course, we wish to continue the tradition for our 2017 event.

We're asking those who attended and took photos to please submit them
for our collection. The Call For Photos is open now and will remain open
through the month of May.

Here are several ways you can submit the photos:

1. Re-visit your Attendee Information Portal. You will now see the
"Upload Photos" option. Click on the button and select the photos on
your computer to upload. With most browsers you can upload multiple
photos in one action.

2. E-mail. Simply attach your photos (any reasonable number to one or
more messages) and e-mail to:

You can use a .zip, .tar, etc. file if you like, but it's not necessary.

3. FTP. If you wish to use this method, write in and we'll give you the
login credentials.

4. Snailmail. You can send prints, a CD/DVD, a USB stick, or whatever.
If you want to do this, write in, we'll send you the snailmail address.

As for size of the photos, the bigger the better, of course :) but the
default size coming out of most digital cameras is fine. To be of
meaningful size, they should be 500 pixels on the longer side at

If you don't know anything about pixels and .tar and .zip, don't worry,
just send them in! :)

Photos taken with a phone are fine as long as they are clear and crisp
and of the minimum size above.

As for quality and adjustments, we have automated batches that normalize
size, brightness, and contrast.

Most photos taken with a reasonable quality digital or film camera or
smart phone present very well. If sending in prints, plain ordinary drug
store mini-lab prints scan and present quite well.
. . . . .

Please read this section carefully:

Prior to placing the photos on line for the public to see, we allow
those who attended to review them. Everyone who attended has a
reasonable number of no-questions-asked "NO WAY" deletions for any
photographs in which they appear.

Those who attended will also be able to recommend photos they like with
a "Like" button, which indicates that they find the photo to be
appealing and recommend it for the final DLV 2017 follow-up pages.

Here's the way all of this works.

As soon as we get the attendance reconciled, everyone who attended will
receive a link to the photo staging area. Those who attended will be
able to review the photos as they come in and, as noted above, mark them
for deletion or recommend them for the final DLV 2017 pages.
. . . . .

Now, as to when the photos will be on line for all to see ...

Here's the planned timing.

We'll keep the Call For Photos open through the months of April and May.
We will keep the staging area open for review until June 30, after which
we will start composing the final DLV 2017 follow-up pages. Target date
for roll-out of the pages will be in August of 2017, slightly earlier
than in most previous years.

Everyone can help move things along by following up on attendance
confirmations promptly, when they come out, and getting the photos in

If there are any questions or concerns on photos, please let us know.
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Re: Call For Photos ...

Postby lisa brown » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:53 am do I access the photos staging area to take a peek..(sorry)Lisaxx
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Re: Call For Photos ...

Postby annie » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:54 am

> Um.. er... how do I access the photos staging area to take a peek..

Here's the story. Short version, watch your inbox, assuming you attended and were marked as present.

Longer version. First we need to reconcile the attendance.

Why do we need to do this? We always give those who attended the chance to look over the photos and mark for deletion any in which they appear which they do not like.

Everyone can help to move things along by promptly answering the calls to confirm attendance, which will be coming very shortly, and (of course) to get those photos in ASAP.

All who attended will get a link to the photo staging area as soon as we have a reasonably accurate list of who was actually present.
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Re: Call For Photos extended ...

Postby annie » Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:55 pm

We're extending the Call For Photos until the weekend of June 10.

We have one last very large batch confirmed to be coming in via snailmail, ETA about a week, so we'll hold things open until that gets here.

If you have photos which you have not sent in, please do so. Easiest way is to go to your Attendee Information Portal and use the "Upload Photos" button. You can also attach to email. If you've misplaced your Attendee Information Portal link, just write in and request a re-send.

The photo staging area will remain open through the month of June.

Thanks to all for submitting photos of this year's event. :)
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