Dressing for Diva Las Vegas

Feedback over the past few years indicated that our people wanted more detailed dress information and suggestions, both general and specific, sooner in the process.

Most of these are rewritten and "webified" items which originally appeared in our general mailings prior to DLV 2005, and in the DLV Discussion Forum prior to DLV 2006. These items are addressed primarily to those who are new to general public exposure, but are intended to be helpful and informative to all audiences.

The first article, "In A Nutshell" is suggested reading for anyone who wants to attend.

Specific dress suggestions for most of our activities will be sent out in our Large Final Mailing to those who register for DLV.

Behavior, Dress, Restrooms -- in a nutshell
About Public Exposure

Introduction and "Dress Code" summary
General DLV Dress Information
Dressing and the Daily Schedule
Dressing and the Weather
Blending and Confidence Building
Visual Dress Notes
Developing a Casual Style
Packing and Travel Hints
Starting From Scratch
"How Do I look?"
Getting Along With The Others
Etiquette and Comportment
DLV Dress Notes for Men
Avoiding that "Too Natural" look.

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