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Ideas for Pinkfest 2021

Postby Laura_Wright » Sat May 22, 2021 10:16 am

Some ideas from Michelle:

Some thoughts. I like the idea of a central hotel, but obviously it needs to be completely open, i.e., bar and restaurant. Hopefully by September they will be (and these partial and slow openings really hinder planning). Have you contacted the hotel to find out about their opening plans, and maybe we can get a discounted group rate if we can get a certain number of "lodgers."

You know that one of my recommendations is a Blues Night, and I will have it even if I'm by myself. I guess my influence won out in 2019 and we had a dedicated blues event on Thursday night. There was good attendance at Kingston Mines.

Since this is the 20th anniversary, how about a party on Saturday night; combine evening social hour, dinner, and after dinner socializing and dancing at one location. There must be a restaurant or hotel that can offer a good rate for this kind of event.

A lot of folks enjoy photo sessions when they're lookin' good (I do), perhaps have an afternoon/evening outdoor photo session at a park or some interesting Chicago location/backdrop, maybe hire a professional photographer, and have a makeover artist (or two) available for those who desire.

And lastly here are my top three concerns: safety, safety, and safety.

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