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] Close to final schedule ...

Postby External Poster » Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:33 pm

This posting is from: Annie

Below is what will most likely be the final summary schedule. There
have only been a few minor tweaks since the last one posted.

For those who are attending, the complete final detailed schedule will
be on line here and will be updated in the event of any changes or


On the schedule at the link above, you can "drill down" to activity and
venue details.

If there are any last minute changes or issues, we will (try to) post
them in the mailing list but we'll certainly send out a Group Text.

Again, the last several Group Text messages can be viewed by all here:


Tuesday, September 25:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Cheesecake Factory) - ms
1:30pm: Shopping (Michigan Avenue) - ms
3:30pm: Chicago Architecture Boat Tour (Michigan Avenue boat docks) - ms
5:30pm: Dinner and Jazz (Museum of Contemporary Art) - ms
8:00pm: Quality Social Time (Signature Lounge Hancock Bldg) - ms

Wednesday, September 26:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Il Vicolo Trattoria) - ms
2:00pm: Tour of Unity Temple (Unity Temple) - ms
3:00pm: Kelly Inc Open House (Kelly Inc) - sv
3:30pm: Matinee at Lake Theater (Lake Theater Oak Park) - ms
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Winberies) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Winberies) - ms
9:00pm: Quality Social Time (Bar Louie Oak Park) - ms

Thursday, September 27:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Ann Sather Belmont) - ms
3:00pm: Legacy Walk Tour (tbd) - ms
6:00pm: Wine Tasting (Taste Food and Wine) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (R Public House) - ms
9:00pm: Quality Social Time (R Public House) - ms

Friday, September 28:
11:00am: Fall Fashion at Nordstroms (Nordstrom Grand Avenue) - ms
12:30pm: Lunch Without Ginger (Nordstrom Cafe) - ms
2:00pm: Day to night glam with Estee (Nordstrom Grand Avenue) - ms
5:00pm: Happy Hour (Drew's On Halsted) - ms
6:00pm: Dinner (Drew's On Halsted) - ms
8:00pm: Shark Tank The Musical (Annoyance Theater) - ms
10:00pm: Quality Social Time (Shakers Lounge) - sv

Saturday, September 29:
11:00am: Expo Chicago (Navy Pier) - ms
1:00pm: Lunch Without Ginger (Harry Caray Navy Pier) - ms
3:00pm: Nell Gwynn (Chicago Shakespeare) - ms
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Tavern On Rush) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Tavern On Rush) - ms
9:00pm: Zanies Comedy Club (Zanies on Wells) - sv

Sunday, September 30:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Maggiano's Little Italy) - ms
4:00pm: Best of Second City (Second City) - ms
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Twin Anchors) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Twin Anchors) - ms

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