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[dlv] DLV updates, Golf info, working schedule, etc. ...

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This posting is from: Diva Las Vegas dlv

This is the Diva Las Vegas 2019 announcement mailing list.

If you no longer desire to receive this list, see list removal
instructions below.
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In this mailing:

Latest updates
Heads up! Special rates at Flamingo expire this month
Working schedule
Activity updates
Golf updates
What you need to do
Summary schedule
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Latest updates:

Welcome to those who just registered or joined our mailing list.

If you have any particular questions or concerns, please let us know.
Just reply to this mailing.
. . . . .

One technical issue has been reported and corrected.

Some of you who tried to book the special DLV rates at the Flamingo may
have erroneously received a notice that bookings were closed. This has
been identified and corrected.

Please be sure to report any issues such as this as soon as you notice
. . . . .

We're now less than two months out from the big event!

Plans are falling in place nicely and everyone's getting excited.

For those who want to participate, but have not made any arrangements yet,
see the "What you need to do" section below.
. . . . .

Latest numbers:

As of Friday morning we currently have 98 individuals registered to
attend. We're rapidly approaching the 100 mark. Who will be #100? :)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Heads up! Special rates at Flamingo expire this month:

Our special rates at the Flamingo expire early this year! February 28.
It may be earlier, if our quota of rooms is exhausted.

If you're planning to stay at the Flamingo and have not booked yet, be
sure to do so ASAP.

Cami has said that there are a few but not many of the complimentary
passes to the High Roller Big Wheel left, which will be given to those
who book under the DLV plan at the Flamingo.

We'll be doing the High Roller as a group on Thursday.

The negotiated DLV rate is $55 per night for weekday nights covering the
span of a check-in on Sunday, March 31 and a check-out of Friday, April
5. The rate for the preceding Saturday will be $169 and the rate a
stay-over on Friday, April 5 will be $161. As of this writing (December
3), all of these rates have been verified as a discount over the lowest
currently-available promotional rates available to the general public.

Special for DLV 2019:

The first 25 individuals who make reservations under the DLV 2019 group
plan will receive a free pass to the High Roller big wheel!

To book your room using the special rates, please do one of the following:

Visit the URL https://aws.passkey.com/go/SFDIV9 and book your room on line.


Phone 888-373-9855 (toll-free within US) and book your room using the
code SFDIV9. Please note that the reservationist taking your call will
not be aware of the nature of our group. Note that for 2019 there will
be a $15 "convenience fee" for booking rooms using a live telephone

Notes and caveats. Please read carefully!

Quoted room rates do not include taxes and fees, particularly that pesky
daily "resort fee" which is added daily to all rooms at all major Strip
resorts. Please be aware of the "total cost of ownership" of your hotel

If you are a member of Total Rewards, the player's club sponsored by
Caesars and Harrah's casinos, please be sure to check to see if you have
any "casino rate" or complimentary rooms available by logging in to
www.caesars.com using your Total Rewards card number. Casino rate rooms
are almost always lower than rates posted for the general public and may
be lower than our negotiated rates.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty booking your room using
the link or phone number posted above.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Working schedule:

Between now and our big event, most of the general mailings will have a
summary of the working schedule toward the bottom.

The schedule, as of this day, is INCOMPLETE and very much in a state of
flux. Many additions and changes will happen to it between now and DLV,
so please don't attempt to use these schedule summaries as any kind of
a final accurate schedule.

Schedules which are much more detailed will be available to those who
register. These will include such things as very specific activity
locations including specifically where to meet the group, maps, parking
hints, dress suggestions coordinator contact information, pricing info,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Activity updates:

A few brief notes ...

Golf is confirmed for Wednesday and is ready to go. See item below.

Our second major gathering, our Farewell Dinner and Social, will happen
on Thursday evening. The venue is not yet confirmed, but will be
announced shortly when plans are solid.

We will have a new daily recurring activity, Power Walk with Cathy,
which will happen most mornings of DLV week.

The Hair Ladies are back! Tuesday early afternoon.

Pole Dance Instruction is back! Tuesday evening.

The Big Lift Bar Crawl is back! Wednesday evening.

The trip to the High Roller Big Wheel will happen Thursday afternoon.
Please see notes above regarding complimentary tickets!

The Art Tour will happen Wednesday.

Late-breaking update. Tennis is a "go" for Tuesday morning.

Several others are in the works. Stay tuned for details!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Golf updates:

Cassandra (Golf Tournament Director) sends in the following:

Golf is all set! Very specific sign up rules!....

When: Wednesday, April 3rd

Time: 8am Check in (9am Tee Time)

Where: Wildhorse Golf Club
2100 W Warm Springs Dr
Henderson, NV 89014

Type of game: 12 or more players (4 Team Scramble) 11 or less players (2
Team Scramble)

Cost: $59.00 YOU MUST PRE-PAY THIS EVENT BY MARCH 25th (Full payment for
all golfers and names must be paid in full and turned in by Cass on
March 26th!... they won't make any exceptions)

Payment Methods: Paypal (Send it as a "friend" so there are no Paypal fees!)
Cass's Paypal email is cassandra@rosecitytgirls.com

If you need to send a check, cash or money order, please email Cass way
ahead of time and make arrangements. Use email above.

Refunds: We will happily give anyone a refund prior to the full payment
date of March 26th. Once the full payment is sent to the golf course, they
will not refund.

Need Clubs?: Club Rental is $35.00 Please call and make your own
arrangement for clubs. (702-434-9000)

What does the $59.00 include?....

18 holes of fun golf!
Cart with a GPS system!
Unlimited Range Balls and practice facility
All you can eat Full Deli Spread Lunch including, ham, turkey,
roast beef, salads, breads and cookies.
1 free draft beer or soda with lunch
3 Golf Balls
Goody bag full of snacks for the day
Prizes for KP's, Longest Drive, and best dressed girl!

Side Games: Make sure to bring cash if you want to join the fun side
games we will set up!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
What you need to do:

If you would like to attend this year, but have not taken any action to
do so, here's what you need to do.

1. Look over our website. Be sure you know what our event is, and what it
is not. https://divalas.vegas/

2. Register for the event. https://divalas.vegas/cgi-bin/dlv/aip.cgi

3. (if necessary) Make your travel and lodging arrangements. Please do
not procrastinate! The more you wait, the more you pay!


If you have any questions, let us know. Just reply to this mailing.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Summary schedule:

Diva Las Vegas 2019 schedule
Tentative and subject to change
All times Pacific Daylight Time

Sunday, March 31:
12:00am: Lunch With Ginger
3:00pm: Carnaval Court Dance Party

Monday, April 1:
12:00am: Lunch With Aejaie
5:00pm: New Attendee Welcome and Orientation
5:45pm: New Attendee Meet and Greet
6:00pm: Happy Hour
7:00pm: Welcome Dinner
8:30pm: Welcome Meet and Greet
9:00pm: Official Group Photo
10:00pm: Nightcap with Cindy

Tuesday, April 2:
6:30am: Power Walk with Cathy
8:00am: Coffee with Aunt Katie
9:00am: Tennis
12:00am: Lunch With Ginger
1:00pm: Cocktails and Hair with Wendi and Michelle
5:00pm: Happy Hour options
5:00pm: Ruths Chris option
5:00pm: Randi's choice
5:00pm: PF Chang option
6:00pm: Eating Out Night
6:00pm: Ruths Chris option
6:00pm: PF Chang option
6:00pm: Randi's choice
8:00pm: Evening options
9:00pm: Pole Dance Instruction

Wednesday, April 3:
6:30am: Power Walk with Cathy
8:00am: Coffee with Aunt Katie
9:00am: Diva Las Vegas Invitational Golf
12:00am: Lunch With Dionne and Jane
12:00am: Lunch With Aejaie
2:00pm: Art Tour
7:00pm: Tape Face (comedy show)
9:00pm: Big Lift Bar Crawl

Thursday, April 4:
6:30am: Power Walk with Cathy
8:00am: Coffee with Aunt Katie
9:00am: Pistol and rifle shooting
12:00am: Lunch With Ginger
1:00pm: High Roller Big Wheel
3:00pm: High Tea
6:00pm: Happy Hour
7:00pm: Farewell Dinner
8:30pm: Farewell Social
10:00pm: Carnaval Court Dance Party

Friday, April 5:
8:00am: Coffee with Aunt Katie
12:00am: Lunch With Ginger
3:00pm: Carnaval Court Dance Party
5:00pm: Happy Hour options
5:00pm: Margaritaville option
5:00pm: Annie's choice
6:00pm: Dining options
6:00pm: Margaritaville option
6:00pm: Annie's choice
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This is the Diva Las Vegas 2019 Announcement mailing list.

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Diva Las Vegas 2019
March 31 - April 5, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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