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[dlv] Special mailing - Flamingo room update - Deadline exte

Postby External Poster » Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:50 pm

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Diva Las Vegas Group Hotel Booking Update
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Diva Las Vegas Group Hotel Booking Update:

Hi all. Cami here.

We are quickly approaching our 2018 DLV Vacation and I have some
exciting hotel updates.

Most significant is that Flamingo has agreed to keep open the group
block special rates until March 22nd and give us 10 more rooms to book.
This will be a drop dead date to book at the discounted rate. If you
haven't done so yet, please make it a priority to do so.

We have also negotiated a clause in our contract where all our attendees
will be assigned Go Rooms, which are a step up from the run of the house
"Fab" rooms. Several recent photos of the Go Rooms are on line here:

https://www.oyster.com/las-vegas/hotels ... s/go-room/

These rooms are really nice and modern. Please take advantage of these
special group rates by clicking this link:


You may also book your room by phone at 888-373-9855 (toll-free within
US) using the code SFDIV8. Please note that the reservationist taking
your call will not be aware of the nature of our group.

Why stay at the Flamingo?

It is our unofficial event headquarters and it is close to many of the
events to be held, including our Monday luncheon, our Farewell Dinner on
Thursday, our pick-up point for the Limo tour and Bar crawl and three
socials at Carnival Court.

It also is an informal social meeting area with Flamingo bars and
comfort areas busy with attendees socializing. The Linq Promenade is
steps away for shopping, dining and the famous Linq High Roller wheel.
It is in the center of the strip and close to Caesars Palace, Paris and
Bally's. It's the perfect location.

If you are looking for comfort in numbers and people of like-kind then
the Flamingo is a great choice.

Join over 50 attendees who are calling the Flamingo home while at Diva
Las Vegas.

Book your room today and be eligible for great rates, our special
drawings and renovated rooms!

If you have any questions, please write me at: cami.desiree@yahoo.com
I would be happy to help.


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