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dlv 2 months 2 go ...

Postby External Poster » Sun Mar 04, 2001 1:11 am

This posting is from: Annie

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Southwest air specials
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Only 58 days left, gang!
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>Any news about golf>?

Uh, nothing for a while ...

>i would prefer the weekend, but Friday would be good too.

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Southwest air specials:

Southwest Airlines has announced a $39-99 each way special. Yes, these fares
are real and bookable, and are valid for the DLV period. All kinds of terms
and conditions apply. See the Southwest web site for details. I've flown
Southwest many times and never had any problems at all. These fares are
available only thru the web site. Agents cannot book these.

+************** $39 - $99 One-Way Fares ***************
+The special starts today, Friday, March 2, 2001, has a
+7-day advance purchase, and is available through
+March 15, 2001.
+Travel on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday for
+only $39 - $99.
+Travel on any Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday for
+only $46 - $119.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

>>>In Club Lace it is not a big deal
>>>which restroom you use. I used the feamle on and never had a second

>>As is the case for 99.9% of the places out there.

>Can you let us know, in advance, just what the Ladies Room policy
>is going to be?

I'm gonna copy an item almost verbatim from last year's list, which
discusses this.

>Are there any laws about which room to use?

Both my attorney and a Metro Police officer have stated no restroom
law exists at this time. (I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on line,
I'm just repeating what those who know the law have told me and some
of our people.)

Most of the rest of this item appeared in last year's list ...

>Here is a practical question. What is the restroom policy at the casinos
>and at the restaurants we will be eating at?

That's difficult to answer, and this may be long, but it's probably
worth reading. Unfortunately there's no quick answer.

Let's look at this from three perspectives, policy (as you requested),
legal, and practical.

1. As far as policy, I'm sure few if any properties have any written
policy to the effect of "... trannies are to use the {whatever}

Any so-called policy will most likely be at the whim of a (clueless)
duty manager or security guard, and used if there are complaints from
other customers.

Keep in mind that the casino security people have more than enough to
do, like watching drunks, keeping an eye out for cheats and con artists,
and chasing kids from the gaming areas. They will not be checking
restrooms unless there's a reason to do so.

2. From a legal standpoint, it gets interesting. (Note: I am not a
lawyer, nor do I play one on line. This is not legal advice.)

When we started DLV, we were warned about this Awful Restroom Law in Las
Vegas that required people to use the restroom of their anatomic sex.
Nobody could, however, come up with any citation for that law.

When the subject came up again in 1998, I searched, to the best of my
non-legal abilities, all the Nevada Revised Statutes, Clark County Code,
and Las Vegas Municipal Code using various keywords. I could not find
evidence of this Awful Restroom Law.

When the subject came up yet again in 1999, I booked an office call with
my attorney (he knows who I am, and what DLV is) and one of the local
ladies asked a local police officer what the story was. Both answers
were almost identical, and were to this effect:

There is nothing on the books regarding who is to use which restroom,
but, if cases warrant, there are certain laws of public conduct that
could be used for a complaint, the most likely being Trespass and
Disorderly Conduct.

For example, if somebody insists on using a particular restroom against
the objections of management (or refuses to leave a property when asked
to do so), that person may be guilty of trespass. If somebody creats a
fuss when using a restroom, or when asked to leave a restroom (or when
asked to leave a property), that person may be guilty of Disorderly

Bottom line is good news and bad news.

There's nothing on the books that specifically outlaws using the
restroom of the gender you are presenting, but there is nothing on the
books that asserts any right to use a particular restroom.

{Update: Another opinion I've had from somebody who knows the law,
(IANAL) is that your use of most private property in Nevada is "at will"
of the owner and manager, and yes, if they want, they can ask you to
leave from the property as a whole or from any part of the property.}

3. Taking a trip to the real world, we can come up with some practical
suggestions, but not an easy answer in many cases.

Everything depends on time, place, and circumstance. You have to
consider such things as where you are, your legal standing, what type of
facilities are available and convenient, how badly you need to go, and
yes, how well you pass, when making the decision.

Where you are makes quite a bit of difference. The known-t-friendly bars
and clubs that invite our business (Keys, Goodtimes, LV Lounge, etc.)
will most likely have no objection to you using the restroom of your
choice, whichever that may be. On the other end of the spectrum, such
places as family-oriented theme hotels and red-leaning townie bars (but
what are you doing in those anyway?) may not have an accommodating

Type of facilities makes quite a difference too. A lockable one-holer
almost anywhere will most likely present little difficulty. A large
hotel "ladies lounge", complete with attendants, may be a bit more of a
challenge. Lately I've been seeing more and more "unisex" or "family"
restrooms in such places as shopping malls and gas stations (seldom if
ever in casinos). Those may be an appropriate choice.

If anybody's a bit uneasy or uncertain, here are a few suggestions:

. Use your hotel room's facilities just before you go out, making it less
necessary to use public restrooms.

. Do you really have to go? If not, don't.

. Don't OD on fluids. Coke Museum? :) {Update: alas, this is closed.}

. Go alone, never in groups, get in, do your thing, and get out, quickly
and quietly.

Do keep in mind that in almost all cases, we are valued customers of the
various shops, restaurants, clubs, casinos, etc. As long as we behave as
ladies (or gentlemen) there is very little chance of any hassle.
Management is not gonna p*ss off a paying customer without a good
reason. (But don't push it. :)

Last but not least, if you should be confronted by management or another
customer, don't push things, be a lady. Apologize and get out.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Two-way radios:

>I have a pair of short range (2 mile private use type non-commercial)
>two way radios (motorola and kenwood). If others have one, and can share
>a common channel(s), they can be used together to communicate over short

>I've used them when I go hiking, skiing, shopping, or traveling in at
>least 2 cars....but never in LV. It a easy way to keep in contact with
>others when separated (even in a big store like Kmart), as in finding
>where they are, or deciding where to go as the situation changes.

I would say it would not hurt to bring these along if you have room in
your luggage, but I'm not sure if the group would really have that much
use for them. They would be handy in cases where the group was split in
two and had to communicate. They would probably be good if we had two
(or more) vehicles on a longer trip.

This year we will have (at least) two people carrying cell phones on
behalf of the group, and those are accessible by anybody, not just
those having compatible radios.

(This posting was entered by Annie , an external user of MyDLV.)
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