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dlv Golf mailings ...

Postby External Poster » Mon Mar 26, 2001 8:47 pm

Special golf mailing:

It looks like there's gonna be a lot of material coming in regarding
golf. Rather than tie up the main mailing list, I've created a special
mailing list for DLV golfers. Name: dlvgolf

Please use this list for golf discussions, organizing, planning, etc.

I'm gonna take the liberty of subscribing those I know have golfed in
the past to this list, as well as those who have recently sent in
golf related stuff. If I've left anybody out, please accept my apology
as I don't recognize everybody by mail address.

If anybody else is interested in joining this list, please reply to this
message and say you want to be on the list. In the middle of the week
I'll forward the golf material that's come in so far to that list.

The dlvgolf list will be unmoderated, acting as a reflector/exploder.
Anything you send to that list will get sent out to all list members
with very little delay.

To send to the list, send mail to: dlvgolf@geekbabe.com

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