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Postby External Poster » Tue Apr 24, 2001 6:18 pm

In this mailing:

Registration and notes
Folies and Limo
Sunday evening
Shopping on Thursday
Air tour notes
Parking, Towing, Dancing
Boilerplate items
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Registration and notes:

As of this time, everybody who has registered should have received a
large mailing with contact info, schedules, directions, etc. If you have
registered and have not received this, please hit REPLY now and say so.
That mailing will not be archived on line.

Please take a look at the information and please let us know if there
are any questions or concerns.

Special note to those with hotmail.com addresses: about half of the
mailing of this large mailing to hotmail.com addresses bounced with
"service unavailable" errors. I did a resend to all hotmail.com
addresses on Monday evening. If you did not get the final mailing,
please let me know. If you got a second copy, please file or delete as
you wish.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Better late than never. If you just joined the list, or if you want to
attend and have not registered, yes, there is time, but things are getting

Up thru Tuesday, May 1, please use the regular web (or email) method
to register. If you are reading this after May 1, please look at the
April 29 mailing for last minute registration instructions.

For accommodations, from this point on it's probably best to contact the
Las Vegas Reservations Assistance line at 1-800-332-5333. This is
operated by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (the people
who run the Las Vegas Convention Center).

For airline tickets at a reasonable price, contact an independent travel
agent or visit one of the big online sites such as Travelocity. Almost
all the lower fares disappear at the 7 day point, so don't delay.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Folies and Limo:

Tina writes:

>Folies ticket resevations have been made and confirmed, and our group
>seating is set. We have a nice booth (which are the Tropicana's better
>seats) completely reserved for DLV girls. All seats in this booth have
>been claimed and paid for by DLV girls (no strangers). For those who
>may decide to join us last minute for the Folies show, when you make
>your reservation tell the box office staff that you want to be near
>booth number 503.

>I plan to physically pick the tickets up Thursday when the Trop box
>office opens. Please pickup your tickets from me at any main evening
>DLV event by Saturday night. (Many of you have already corresponded
>directly with me to let me know when you plan to pick them up. Many
>thanks for that.)

>Right now, I have received notes from several people who have indicated
>that they plan to go on the limo tour, so the limo is nearly full,
>assuming everyone does indeed pick up their limo ticket from me. About
>1/2 will also be going to Folies, and the other 1/2 plan to meet us
>after the show (see previous instructions). Just a reminder that you
>aren't confirmed on the limo until you actually pay me in LV. But
>remember, if you don't get with me to pay for your ticket, I will
>eventually sell it by Sunday night to somebody else to recoup my
>investment (I had to pay by check in advance). I really appreciate the
>ladies who have sent me the notes indicating that they plan to take the
>limo tour. I'll keep a special eye out for you to make sure that you
>get a good chance to pick up your limo tickets.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sunday evening:

Ladies? (gentlemen?) Do we wanna designate something like Keys,
Goodtimes, LVL, as an alternate activity for Sunday evening, and
as a last stop for the limo tour?

>I just couldn't
>justify the Folies and {limo} Tour in my limited budget. Have you heard
>of any other plans for that evening until that group is back in

No, I haven't. I'm sure there will be some going to the various clubs
but this may be ad-hoc and it may be difficult to catch those, since
there are no definite plans.

If you don't wanna spend the $$$ for the show, it's perfectly ok to do
the limo tour, and it would be a not-so-public opportunity to get some
exposure. It's only $15 and will be a lot of fun. I'm sure the group
will go somewhere for a drink after, but we probably won't know where
until the limo tour ends.

I know there are people who will be on the limo tour who are not going
on to the show, so it might be possible to have the limo pick up several
at one of the hangouts.

It might also be possible to designate a get-together place for Sunday
for those who are not going to the show.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Shopping on Thursday:

>I would like to go to a vintage store called "The Attic". Is it still

It sure is. (At least it was a couple months ago. :)

>Is a trip there feasible, or should I go on my own?

Yes. We can definitely visit it. It's an easy trip from our rendezvous
point (behind the Sahara). We'll plan on making it one of the first
stops, since I think they are closed in the evening.

Actually, we flew by there in 1999, not to shop, but one couple wanted
to pose on the checkerboard sidewalk with all the paraphernalia that
is (was?) outside the place. You can see this at the url:


Last time I drove by there (some time ago) they didn't have the giant
shoes and stuff sitting out like they used to. I dunno if they got rid
of them, or didn't have them out then.

... and ...

>You say shopping AND dinner. What are you planning for dinner?

There are tons of options here, but, I was thinking ... If we wanna be
real mall rats, we can do the food court in one of the malls. Belz Mall
has not one but (2 - count 'em - 2) food courts, so there's a selection
to suit almost everybody. Besides, those who wanna power-shop can shop,
and those who wanna eat can eat.

(All in all you're just another chick in the mall. :)

... and ...

>Lets see, wigs, outlet malls,
>makeup shops, shoe stores, sounds good to me. See ya

We already have one request for wigs, a shop called Vegas Girl, and a
request for Belz (outlet) mall. As far as makeup, there is a cosmetic
shop in Boulevard Mall, which we will hit, assuming there is time, plus
all the usual anchor department stores, each of which with a large
cosmetics department.

Shoe shops are everywhere. There are several in the Belz Mall, as well
as in Boulevard Mall.

... and ...

>Any kind of shopping is good. I was hoping for info on make overs or
>just make up help in general.

If you're looking for civilian-type dept-store consultations and what
they may call a makeover, we'll be planning to hit Boulevard Mall, where
they have JCP, Dillard's and a couple other anchor stores with large
cosmetics departments.

If you're looking for something more geared to t* people, you can set
up an appointment with Las Vegas Fantasy Tours. See previous mailings
for discussion and rates.

There are/were a couple local salons who do makeovers, but I don't have
any reasonably current information. Maybe some of the local ladies will
have info.

... and ...

Well, uh {blush} this next question seems to have vanished somewhere in
the cut-paste buffer. <vbfg> but ...

... it had to do with wanting to visit a Victoria's Secret shop. Yes,
there is a Vickies in the Boulevard Mall, and we plan on visiting that

... and ...

>Question..Are we going as a group on a bus, or mini bus.

We'll have at least one van, possibly other vehicles depending on how
many are going. If the interests are diverse, we may have some vehicles
hitting some shops, others hitting others.

>Or are we
>just following our noses

Yes and no. We already have a few planned stops, such as the Attic,
Vegas Girl, etc. We'll hit those during the afternoon business hours,
and maybe a couple others if there is time, and probably zoom down to
Belz Mall (outlet/discount), shop/eat there, then over to Boulevard Mall
(mainline mall) and finally over to Keys for the evening.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Air tour notes:

Denise writes:

>Also, I noticed that you pointed out that driving arrangements are at
>the rider's own risk.

>The same goes for the air tours...anything from a bump on the head
>getting in and out of the plane to a major accident where they have to
>scrape you off of the instrument panel is entirely at the passenger's

>According to some statistics, flying is safer than driving, but aircraft
>operators have actually been sued for such silly things as a passenger
>touching the seat in front of him and getting a static shock from the
>carpet. Anyone who wants to go for a plane ride is going to have to
>agree to hold us harmless for any damages, and must understand that they
>won't be covered by any insurance, maybe not even their own. Many
>health and life insurance companies specifically disclaim any damages
>resulting from accidents in "unscheduled aircraft operations".

I wish we didn't have to state stuff like this, but in today's society
it's probably best to do so. Ladies (gentlemen) please take the above
into consideration when you go on the air tours.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Parking, Towing, Dancing:

>If you're driving a car, heed this word. Pay attention to the No
>Parking signs. Like any big city, there are plenty of tow truck drivers
>who make their living hauling away tourists' cars. One particularly
>lucrative area for them is the Triangle club area. You can't park in
>many of the local business parking lots at night, even though the
>businesses have long since closed. They have little tiny No Parking
>signs hidden way at the back of their lots, and I truly believe that the
>building owners split the towing fees with the tow truck companies.

>Either use valet parking at Gipsy, or be very sure where you park.

>Otherwise, plan on spending at least $150 in cash to retrieve your car.
>(Not a lot of fun at 3 AM. I speak from experience last year.)

>This year, I am considering taking a taxi to and from Gipsy. I'll be
>going to Gipsy for the Friday night dancing after the welcome get
>together at Goodtimes. They are not very far apart.

I'm planning to take a vanload of people from Goodtimes to Gipsy. As of
this time I don't know if I will be staying with the group there or not,
but that may be an easy ride from one to the other.

>FYI, I personally have never had a problem parking in the Commercial
>Center lots by the Las Vegas Lounge or in the shopping center lot at
>Goodtimes. You can be sure that I will be keeping my eyes open for any
>signs. There has always been plenty of parking behind of Keys in their
>parking lot. Coincidentally, they are basically across the street from
>the Commercial Center (iirc).

>I second what Annie said about valet parking often being full (for
>non-guests) at the major hotels around show time. I usually have to
>park in their self-park garage and hike for "miles" in heels. I haven't
>been in the Frontier in 20 years, and it has been 8 since I have been in
>the Trop, so I can't tell you anything about their parking. Any local
>LV girls have anything to add here?

They tell me (the ubiquitous "they") that the "Valet Full" sign can
often be overridden by flashing green. :) Remember, people are picking
up from valet parking almost continuously, right? :)

At the Frontier, there are two large self-park lots. I believe the one
to the north of the casino will be the more convenient to the showroom,
which, iirc, is toward the rear of the casino. For those riding in the
van with me, I'll deliver directly to the front entrance, which will
make it a quick walk directly thru the casino to the box office.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

>First, I would like to thank you, those helping you, and the big
>sisters. All you folks are doing a fantastic job in organizing this.

And you're very welcome. :)

>When I finally got serious about my cd-ing just a few years ago, I
>didn't know anyone and too scared to know anyone locally. ... Everyone
>so far has been really extemely, nice, friendly, and helpful, which has
>helped me relax and not be nervous, and has built up my confidence. Your
>DLV is a great concept and venue to meet others, get advice, share war
>stories, and to *do* things and have fun doing it, in a non-rigid,
>relaxed, at-your-own-level-of-confidence, I'm-on-vacation kind of

Thank you very much. Feedback like this is always appreciated and helps
us to know we're doing something right. :)

>I'm curious to try this 'gali...ano' (can't remember the spelling) that
>you folks were talking about... is it some kind of wine or liquour?

It's nasty, stay away, really, straight shots, anyway. (Tina's drinking
tips says nice girls don't do shots. :) Seriously, Galiano (actually
spelled Galliano, the single-l spelling is kind of an IRC-ism) is a
banana concoction used in a Harvey Walbanger and a Golden Cadillac.

Taken straight, it tastes something like a 50/50 mix of vodka and
robitussin {ick} and has approximately the same effect, meaning it will
make you very drunk very fast, and very sick the morning after.

>8 more days... I find it hard to beleive that its been almost 1 year
>already.... seems shorter...

Yes, this year the DLV cycle was just under 360 days, and now we have 8
to go, actually 7 when people read this. :)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Boilerplate items:

... such as registration, schedule, etc., do not appear in this mailing
if they have not changed since last Sunday. See the link below for
access to last Sunday's mailing.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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