dlv I'm back, and first pics are up ...

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dlv I'm back, and first pics are up ...

Postby External Poster » Sun May 13, 2001 1:20 am

Just wanted to let everybody know I arrived safely back in Omaha a couple
hours ago.

I really enjoyed this year's DLV. It was an honor to be with such a great
group of people, some of the finest I've ever met on either side of life.

I know we busted a number of closets this past week (who ya gonna call?)
and I was very impressed with the degree to which several of our people
have grown over the year ... and over the past week or so. :)

Photos have started coming in. The first batch is on line at the url:


Only the first page is currently active.

Although I got most of mine developed last week, I don't have any scanned
yet. I'll start that just as soon as I play catch-up here. I also managed
to get some very good shots of the Pride Parade on Friday evening.

Anyway, we'll start with the feedback shortly. Thanks to everybody who
has written so far. Keep those cards and letters coming, gang. :)


annie :)

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