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Postby External Poster » Sun May 13, 2001 2:04 pm

In this mailing:

Misc. housekeeping items
e-mail directory
Notes from the field
Cancellation feedback
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Misc. housekeeping items:

Lots of feedback has been coming in. Some of the general comments are
posted below. Keep it coming, gang, especially the "burning questions"
sent out in the mailing a few days ago. If you want to say something,
just hit REPLY to this message.

This is the first sending of collective feedback. There is lots more
in the queue, but I don't want to overwhelm everybody.

Thanks to those who have sent photos in. However, we've had two people
send photos to the list address. This will not work. The mail to the
list address is intercepted by a mailing list processor which will hose
the binary attachments beyond recovery. One has resent to the correct
address for photos (annie@annie.net), the other has not. :( Keep the
photos coming, gang. Again, the preliminary URL for photos it:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
e-mail directory:

There have been some requests for e-mail addresses. As most of you know,
our mailing list is confidential, but we've done voluntary e-mail lists
in the past and they have worked well.

If you want to exchange e-mail addresses, please hit REPLY to this
message and say to the effect "add me to the e-mail directory."

Please indicate both the name you wish to be listed as, plus the
full e-mail address. Be sure to check for spelling.


Please add me to the e-mail directory.

Name: Annie e-mail: annie@annie.net
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Notes from the field:

This is a concatenation of several of the feedback items that have come
in so far. I know I'm a bit inconsistent in editing and responding, but
I began this as a large series of individual items, and decided it would
be best to group them all together.

>Hi Annie, it was nice meeting you Friday. I have never been to one of
>these functions.

>I must admit, I had a great time. Even though time was limited, the time
>I spent with some of the girls was great. I have not danced like that in
>a long time, especially as a girl, it felt wonderful. It felt nice to
>let my hair down, and take my heels off. I ruined a new pair of panty
>hose, but it was worth it.

>Looking forward to next year. I am sure it will be more successful, then
>this year.

>Just wanted to thank you again for putting everything together for us. I
>had a great time and wish my work schedule allowed me to join the group
>more often but I will definitely work on that for next year.

>I enjoyed meeting you and the other girls very much.



>Annie, this weekend was truly my finest hour! Thanks to you and all of
>your friends for making my dreams come true. I'm already counting the
>days till next year.

>Hi Annie the Great and Wonderful,

{blush} :)

>I had a great time, thanks for all the work.

>Love ya,


>Thank YOU for taking the time and energy to organize such a wonderful event!


>Although I missed part of DLV, I really had a good time and met some very
>wonderful girls.

>Great job Annie,


>Ann E.

>Thanks so much the work you did to make this happen. I am so glad I made it.

>It was a fantastic time! I will definitely be back next, and with more
>of my friends. If you would like some of the pictures I took, just let
>me know and I will be happy to send them and let you pick what you might
>want. Hope we get to meet around here some time also.

>It was great! Wish I could of attended more of the activities. But the
>best part was meeting a bunch of wonderful girls.


>Hi girls,

>Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed meeting you all last week. My
>only regret is that I waited until this year to go. I'll be back
>next year with bells on.

Well, I suppose we could have a 70's retro nite. <vbfg> :)

>I had such a great time! Thanks to everyone who was there. I met some many
>wonderful people and look forward to developing good friendships.

>I would love to hear from everyone who was there. I know I got some
>email addresses, but not everyone's. Is there a list or forum maybe
>where we could give our contact points?

Yes. We'll do an e-mail contact list very shortly.

>I am packing for Kansas City this weekend and then Houston next
>Wednesday, so I am sending you some pictures. Please use any you might
>want, and just dump the rest. They will be divided up by days so it
>might be easier on you. Thanks again for a great "vacation".



>Thanks so much! You made my wildest dreams come true!

Well, actually >YOU< made your dreams come true, I and the others just
cheered you on a bit. :)

>You don't know
>how many times I've dressed in a hotel room and dreamed about actually
>going out and doing things and meeting people. It really happened and
>I can't get over it. Thanks again so much.

>For next year, my dream is to be comfortable enough to go out shopping
>and ordering off a menu. It seems so scary now, but until last week
>just walking out of my room seemed too scary for words.

>> Final headcount was 62, a bit lower than the
>> projection, but still a very good turnout.

>Isn't 62 a new record?

Yes it is. Each year so far has been a new record. :)

>> No major problems were reported.

>No cars towed.

Not that I know of.

>No girls denied the use of the ladies room.

Well, uh, it looks like there were two restroom incidents, that I heard
about anyway. We'll cover that shortly.

>No getting
>yelled at for missing Mother's Day (of course I could still blow this
>one at the time of this writing). Definitely better all the way around.

>> Administrivia:
>> This is the Diva Las Vegas 2001 mailing list.
>> Diva Las Vegas 2001
>> May 2-7, 2000
>> Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

>Did we really miss the typo of 2000 in the date line all year? :-)

Uh, I can't believe I missed it, as I proofread each mailing a couple of
times. {blush}

You >>ARE<< the first one to say anything about it.

>Thanks to all the DLV girls for making this the best year yet.


>-- Tina

>Thanks so much for all the hard work everyone did in putting this all
>together. I have waited to attend DLV for the last two years.

>Although I didn't have the free time to get involved in all the events,
>the ones that I managed to get to I will remember for ever. Everyone
>was just so nice and a blast to be around. I will be looking forward to
>next year and hopefully being more able to attend all of the functions.
>Please keep me on the list and informed as to next years schedule.

> Thanks to all

> Geri and Tina

>Thank you so much for putting DLV 2001 together. It was the first time
>out for me as {femme name} for more than a day at a time. What a
>wonderful experience.

>I attended most of the events starting Thursday except the shopping
>trips. I was too tired to do shopping with the group, but made my own
>trips to Walmart, etc.

>I came to LV by myself and did not have a roommate. I did end up eating
>most meals alone, which is a bummer. Perhaps, lunch, brunch or
>something scheduled for us singles to pair up with some others for

It's ok to be alone, if you're not lonely. :) Most people report they
have little if any trouble finding others to dine with. Since you were
off at a hotel where we didn't have that many people, this may have
contributed to the difficulty.

I ended up eating most of my meals alone, although I occasionally did so
with others who were around or those who asked me to join them.

>We did discuss perhaps a stronger message to attendees that casual is
>not formal clothes and to dress according to the occasion.

Yes, we did have several comments about the dress for one activity,
particularly one outfit. I'm sure this will be discussed when the
organizational list gets going.

>I did have my nails done at La Rues (Cathy is the owner), and she did an
>exceptional job for me. She asked only that our people dress
>appropriately (not the "hooker" look) and act as a lady. She does nails
>for locals and is suprisingly TG knowledgeable and friendly.

And again, appropriate dress means an appropriate reception. :)

>I stayed at the Palace Station courtyard, not the tower. It is a motel
>type area and not as crowded and has outside entrances to main hallways.
>I had trouble with my roomkey, and needed to get another. Always ask
>for two roomkey cards. I don't know how TG friendly this hotel is and I
>may have had to go to the front desk for different keys {in girlmode} -
>drivers license required.

Palace Station always gets high marks for being t-friendly, or at least
t-oblivious. :) We've had people stay there in the past, both in the
tower and motel sections, and not a hint of trouble. We've had groups at
the buffet (not this year, but I did eat there alone one nite) and the
Italian place.

The room key thing has happened to me twice, once at a motel up in
Minnesota, and once at the Sahara. No problems either time, they
apologized and gave me another. (Sometime remind me to tell the story
of locking myself out of my apartment and car back in 19{mumble}.) :)

>As far as attending in 2002, you can now book me right now and send my
>14 digit number.

Well, we won't be doing registrations until sometime in 2002. Keep in
touch and you can be the first to register. :)

>I had so much fun, I'm excited about next year
>already. The ladies I met, especially you, Tina, and Cat have helped me
>overcome the basic shyness and intimidation that we all have about being
>in public at first. Thank you for your encouragement.

And you're very welcome. :)

>I have not attended a convention such as Southern Comfort, so I don't
>know what their structure is like. As far as DLV, the informal
>structure was fine with me.

If I may digress a minute ... Southern Comfort (and Fall Harvest and
Colorado Goldrush and Be-All and ...) are based on the model established
in the 1970's at Fantasia Fair in Provincetown, but are far less "out"
and public than the original Fanfair. (Some will argue that the current
mainline t* conventions are more like an event known as Dream in Oregon
than Fanfair.)

They are highly structured. They will have seminars (usually multiple
tracks) during the day, along with a vendor hall, and usually such
things as a talent show, pageant, Rubber Chicken Banquet<tm>, costume
party, etc. during the evening.

There will occasionally be field trips for shopping, tours, etc.

IMAO, these are an excellent chance to get the feet wet, but they are
very easy to burn out on. (You can only stand so many of those
electrolysis demos in one lifetime.) All of them have a regular and
highly loyal following. I usually try to make Fall Harvest, and have
only missed one year in the recent past, although I often tend to wander
off and do my own thing when the scheduled things don't interest me.

Critics will say they are huge communal closets, and I tend to agree.

Okay, okay, yes, my minute is up ... :)

>The events most memorable. Definitely the air tour. Cannot thank Gina
>enough. Definitely the Dam tour. Thank you Bob. And had a ball with
>the limo tour. Must see the pictures of Del Mar and Four Queens - "have
>it your way", Annie. Great Fun!

>BTW, a comment by one of the ladies taking to Cat and I was that she was
>"read" by almost everyone while walking the Strip near the Imperial

I think I know the incident you're referring to. If it's the individual
I'm thinking of (tall with rather strong features) I think just a bit
of attention to style, comportment, and carriage would work wonders.

>Maybe a class/seminar on Thursday a.m. for those of us looking for an
>honest critique and help in poise and mannerisms. Instead of us finding
>and setting an individual appointment and paying individually, we might
>hire a professional consultant to help us as a group. Just a thought.
>If you like the concept, I can follow through with the research.

I would say yes, research this if you want, and be sure to put your name
in for the DLVORG (organizational) list when we announce it in a month
or so.

Personally, I think that a group of those who have been out for a while,
(and perhaps some who have not) could give just as effective a critique,
if not more so, than that of a paid consultant. I do think it's
important to get more than one person's opinion in these cases.

I've seen these backfire when the subject is not really in search of an
honest critique, but more in search of an infinite stream of strokes
and warm fuzzies about how natural/beautiful/sexy/gg-ish/whatever
she looks. This can create ill feelings for all involved.

>Again, thank you for putting together DLV 2001. If not sooner, I will
>see you in 2002.

You're very welcome. Thanks for coming, and thanks for the feedback.

And the response that comes back from all our mailings ... :)

>Thank you for your email and your interest.
>We will reply to you
>as soon as possible.

I'm still waiting for the reply on this one. :)

And finally, a point of view from somebody who did not attend. :)

>Eh, I thought it was boring, at least from my POV.

>I coulda had the same amount of fun that I did last weekend if I stayed

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Cancellation feedback:

Although this past DLV was an outstanding success, one thing that
bothers me (and always has) is the amount of no-shows and cancellations.

This has happened at every t* community event I've ever been associated
with. Sure, there are legitimate reasons to no-show, such as a business
need or a family emergency, but it always seems there are far more (like
an order of magnitude) of these at the t* events I've helped run than at
the technically-oriented events I've helped run.

Yes, this is human nature, but still it concerns me. This year we had
people no-show who had sent in headcount responses and messages to the
effect of "see you Wednesday".

I would like to thank those who did give us a heads-up that they would
not be attending. We would much rather have you with us, but we can
understand when the situation will not work.

Anyway, I would like to share with you a couple messages that came in
during DLV.

>I want to thank you for all the effort...which really appeared to be
>tremendous... regarding DLV. I did not go. I was registered as "{name}"

>You know the score, sort of chickened out. I have just started some
>club going en femme locally, and was pretty sure I would go to LV and
>have lots of fun.

>I read every update and was really intrigued.

>Hopefully next year I will make the trip.

>But, a really big thank you for doing all you do, for being there, for
>making DLV happen.

>Annie, regretfully, and I really hate doing this at the last hour, I
>must cancel my reservation. I'm just not ready for this. Maybe next
>year. I've been to some group meetings, and those went OK, but this
>would not be fair to the rest of the girls to have me show up and
>make an ass out of myself. I hope you all have a wonderful time
>and I hope I can make it last year.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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