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Postby administrator » Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:21 pm

For members of MyDLV, we have the full-blown multi-user version of Wordpress for creating and maintaining MyDLV Blogs.

Wordpress is the software to which all other blogging software is compared! It's very easy to use and the learning curve is gentle. If you can use the Web, you can create your own MyDLV Blog with Wordpress.

A Weblog (or "blog") is an on-line journal. It's intended to be longer-lived and more permanent in nature than forum postings and such. The practice of blogging grew from the on-line diaries of the 1990s into full-fledged self-published journals.

The content on your MyDLV Blog is up to you. You can base your MyDLV Blog on any topic or theme you wish, within reason.

If you are interested in starting a Blog here on MyDLV, please e-mail: tech@geekbabe.com and we'll get your MyDLV Blog set up for you.
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