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Postby administrator » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:26 pm

Can we tawk?

Depending on the exact circumstances, things you say here can be considered anywhere between moderately confidential and wide open to the public. We don't guarantee any level of absolute privacy.

Anything you enter into the DLV Discussion Forum is available to the public. The archives appear on the main DLV web site.

Chirps, even personal Chirps, should not be considered to be absolutely private, even though they may be directed to one and only one person.

The photos you post here are available to all registered users. Those photos which appear in the DLV collections are viewable by the general public if they know where to look.

Your Whiteboard is viewable by anyone having access to this system.

If you require a greater degree of privacy or security, please use other methods, such as secure e-mail and/or secure instant messaging.
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