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The Rules

Postby administrator » Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:26 am

Everybody hates rules! QED!

Unfortunately when we have a shared system such as MyDLV, we need to have a few understandings about what is to be done with the system and what is not to be done.

Here are the basic "rules" for using MyDLV:

1. The most important rule: Be nice to your fellow MyDLV users!

2. Nothing overtly sexually-oriented in nature! Everybody knows what this means! It belongs elsewhere!

3. Nothing "spammy" in nature. What is and is not "spammy" is difficult to define, but you sure know it when you see it. It does not belong here, period! The general understanding is that if you are using this system to promote something, as opposed to socializing with the others, you need to be very careful! Overt spamming is the easiest way to lose access to the system.

4. No put-downs, ad hominem attacks, confrontational or disruptive postings, hate material, anything like that.

5. Only use the system if you agree and understand that it's totally at your own risk, period.

6. Understand that there are no guarantees with this system. We'll try to keep it up and available, in good faith, but if it goes down or malfunctions, there's no guarantee regarding performance, uptime, or time to restore in case of an outage. It's all as-is, where-is, when-is.

7. There's nobody to intervene in the event of user disputes. You are on your own to work it out!

8. Your sole remedy for anything you don't like about the system is to cease using it.
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