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[dlv] New dates for Diva Las Vegas 2020 ...

Postby External Poster » Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:34 am

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Call For Comments
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First of all, on behalf of the Diva Las Vegas volunteers, we sincerely
hope that everyone is safe and healthy and successfully dealing with the
current events. We're looking forward to seeing everyone in person at
our rescheduled event.

The DLV Volunteer Group has just voted, by a very significant majority,
to plan the postponed 2020 event during the last week in October, the
week just prior to Halloween, including October 31, the day of

The exact length of the event, that is the official start day, is yet
undecided, and will depend on the demand of the attendees and the
capacity of the volunteer force. Tentative plans are to begin the
event no later than Tuesday, October 27.

We realize that there are still many unknowns, and due to circumstances
far beyond our control, changes may again have to be made, but we are
moving forward optimistically, assuming that by late October, businesses
will once again be open and our attendees will be able to travel and
attend and will be comfortable doing so.

A survey of our activity coordinators indicates that most of the planned
activities of our originally-planned event will be able to be included
in our rescheduled event. In addition, although details are not known
at this time, there will be an activity of significance happening on
Halloween evening on Saturday the 31st.

Although the details are not available at the time of this writing,
wheels have been turning in the background, and it is all but certain
that group hotel rates at the Flamingo will again be available for our
rescheduled event at a significant savings over street rates. Details
will appear in a general mailing as soon as they are able to be booked.

As our schedule (re)develops, we'll keep everyone updated.

Tentative plans call for registration for the replacement event to begin
sometime in July, with the target of Activity Sign-Up beginning on or
around Labor Day weekend.

We will be restarting the registration roster from scratch, so those who
wish to attend the replacement event in October will not have their
registrations "carry over" to the replacement event and will need to
register again. There are just too many variables to allow that to
happen. Likewise with room reservations at the Flamingo. These will
not "carry over" to the new dates.
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Call For Comments:

It is our practice to always allow for a Call For Comments period when
the dates for our events are tentatively set.

Considering the circumstances, and allowing things to move along, we
will be doing a two-week abbreviated Call For Comments, to conclude on
Saturday, May 2.

This will allow everyone to make plans well in advance, and allow our
attendees to take advantage of the very low travel fares that are now
being offered.

In planning the timeframe of our replacement event, our Volunteer Group
examined and considered every week from September through November, and
the last week in October, as selected, was not only the "best" week, it
was the only week not having significant conflicts, such as holidays,
election day in the US, and key player conflicts. Therefore, it is
highly unlikely that the last week in October will not be announced as

Comments on the tentative dates, and the length of the event are welcome
and may be made either by simply replying to this mailing, or by posting
on the DLV Discussion Forum, on line here:


All comments received will be made public unless otherwise requested.

Please do not make any nonreversable arrangements until the new dates
are officially announced as final.
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Diva Las Vegas 2020
October 27 - 31 (Rescheduled - Tentative)
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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