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Thank You GJNV & Jane Heenan

Postby kandi.dolfen » Sat May 26, 2018 8:57 am

Gender Justice Nevada
Nevada Implements New Policies Regarding License/ID Sex/Gender Marker Changes

Beginning Tuesday 29 May 2018, persons changing the sex/gender marker on driver licenses and IDs will no longer be required to submit form DLD136, ending the need to have a medical doctor sign off on this change. In addition, an additional sex/gender option — “X” — will be available for those persons seeking an ID that honors their identification outside the binary sex/gender categories M/F. The cost will be $10 and you will have to wait about 5 days for your new license.

If you are changing the sex/gender marker on your license/ID, you might also consider updating your license to a “Real ID,” which requires a Social Security card or tax forms; birth certificate, passport, or passport card; proof of name change (if applicable); and proof of a Nevada address. The sex/gender difference between your birth certificate and your driver’s license will not matter.

We might also suggest making an appointment which is easy to do online and makes the DMV experience much less time consuming. Please let us at GJNV know if you have any questions or if you encounter any problems: jane heenan,, 702-810-4159

We wish to acknowledge the great good support of Nevada Legal Services and specifically David Olshan in helping us bring these gifts to us all in Nevada. Y’all ROCK!!!
For more info about DMV requirements to obtain license or ID:
Please be aware that the website is unlikely to include the detailed information above regarding sex/gender marker changes.
We at GJNV are thrilled to champion for over 20 years inclusive public policies supporting persons awake to their sex/gender diversity. If you would like to make a donation that will help us do more, please go to our website: — We thank you for what you share 🌻
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