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Morning Coffee @ The Flam

Postby Katie Wilson » Fri May 18, 2018 6:46 pm

Hi Girls.
Unfortunately I had to skip the last (Thursday) coffee morning, so I apologize to anyone who expected a hostess and didn't get one.
Below is a wrap up report of the 4 day morning gatherings copied from the behind the scenes DLV Organizers post event cyber meeting, I thought I'd post it here so that everyone can see how things went.

Katies Kosey Koffee Korner wrap up report.

I had planned on being there each day from Monday morning until Thursday but unfortunately I had to miss the Thursday one.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. . I did however walk past Club Cappuccino at 8:30 AM in male mode and only saw one of our people there which leads me to believe I was not missed a whole lot. *lol*.

Anyhow the KKKK morning activities went reasonably well each day otherwise but the attendance was quite low almost every day! This leads me to believe that some were likely having a coffee elsewhere or not at all because we have had rather good attendance leading up to this year. This was a bit discouraging but it is what it is and evolution is the name of the game and I will bow to whoever wants to do it next year and probably do only one or two at the Flamingo for my own benefit or for anyone who is staying there and is an early riser and would like to join me there.

So here it is. :--
4 or 5 people on Monday.
4 Tuesday.
3 Wednesday
and as I mentioned 1 on Thursday.

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