Activity Highlight - KISS Monster Mini-Golf?

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Activity Highlight - KISS Monster Mini-Golf?

Postby External Poster » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:34 pm

This posting is from: Sarah Charles

On Wednesday at 2:00 we ask all athletes to join in the fierce
competition on the Day-Glow greens, blues, pinks and yellows of the
KISS Monster Mini-Golf course inside the Rio. Last year this was a
highly-rated and much photographed event. In the cozy confines of the
Rio there exists a 13,000 square foot, 18 hole, putt-putt golf course
decorated with black lights, massive props and videos honoring the band
KISS. A live DJ plays rocking tunes from the KISS catalog as we strive
for excellence, or maybe survival, but probably mostly laughs as we play

Cost is normally $12.00 but there are discounts for groups of 10 or more
(which we got last year) or coupons through Groupon or other web sites
can be worth even more. The staff was great with us last year and the
population pressure, closeness to the parking lot and numerous
distractions make this a great daytime event for anyone still gaining
comfort in daytime, mainstream locations and activities.

Dress comfortably and consider colors that glow under black light. No
golf cleats please and Full KISS makeup isn't needed (but if you want to
show up looking like Ace or Gene, the event hostess will pay for your

Free parking is available in the structure behind the Hotel and the
entrance from there to the casino puts you right near the golf entrance.
It can take 45 to 90 minutes to complete the course, depending on if you
are really paying attention or not. We should finish with time to make
it to your favorite Happy Hour and Dining choice. Those monsters of Rock
sing "We want to Rock and Roll all night and Party Every Day!" This is a
step in the right direction.

(This posting was entered by Sarah Charles, an external user of MyDLV.)
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