Activity Highlight . **Katies Kosey Koffee Korner**.

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Activity Highlight . **Katies Kosey Koffee Korner**.

Postby Katie Wilson » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:03 pm

KKKK will meet each morning from Monday to Thursday at 8AM at Club Cappuccino in The Flamingo Hotel at the entrance to the Flamingo gardens, which is a rather nice spot for photos..((We will be Outside on the patio)) likely around the fire pit.
*This is not the mini coffee pickup place*. It is the snacks and coffee outlet directly opposite the Spa Tower elevators. Both are quite close to each other but the eatery is a much larger area and quite recognizable.

Directions. :-- Go past the check in desks and down the boutique hallway to almost the end of the hallway leading to Valet pickup and the escalators to the regular parking. Club Cappuccino will be on Your Left. If you pass the erotic gift store you have gone too far.

I will be there for one hour or so to meet and greet anyone interested in joining us there. After that time you will have missed the party. Or at least the one with me in it. **Wink**.

Joining us in the AM at KKKK is a good opportunity to find out what is going on at DLV each day and if there have been any changes to the overall plan.>> Which there rarely is.
If you need to know anything please ask. If I know I will tell you and if not then I can put you in touch with someone who does know.

If you are just buying a coffee and no food then you can jump the line and go directly to coffee only lineup which is usually only one or two people or less.

This is Important to me... Please show up dressed in girl mode if at all possible but If you are not a Morning person and feel the need for a coffee and some nice company then please feel free to join us in Male mode.
Also, Please don't show up in slutty clothes or wearing a mask of any kind because I will ask you to leave if you do and that won't be a very pleasant way to start your day or mine either and I would prefer that did not happen to anyone either new or a regular at DLV . so please stay within these simple and easy to follow guidelines and we can all enjoy a small part of a really nice week together with some really great people.

Huggers. Katie.
Katie Wilson
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