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Dates for DLV 2018 ...

Postby External Poster » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:45 am

This posting is from: Diva Las Vegas

The DLV Organizers Group (DLVORG) has voted, by a very significant
margin, to hold Diva Las Vegas 2018 during the timeframe of Sunday,
April 15 thru Friday, April 20, 2018.

As is our custom, a one-month Call For Comments is now open regarding
these dates. Comments may be made via email at or by
simply replying to this message.

Suggested hotels for DLV 2018 will be announced before or during the
month of November, 2017.

(This posting was entered by Diva Las Vegas, an external user of MyDLV.)
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Re: Dates for DLV 2018 ...

Postby DianeParis » Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:48 pm

My wife and I will be able to make DLV if the dates are one or two weeks earlier. Just a big wish. We really want to attend again. Been twice over the years. Thanks.
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