Anyone tried this razor product?

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Anyone tried this razor product?

Postby External Poster » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:17 pm

This posting is from: kumiko yvonne watanabe

Been watching a TV infomercial on the Finishing Touch Flawless battery
powered shaver that looks like a lipstick container

Has anyone tried this?

I already carry a small electric shaver in my purse for touch ups if
being out and about all day and evenings, but this appears to be smaller
and perfect for a quick buzz and discrete for it looks like lipstick.

The bad is if this, possible short battery life, device cannot remove
the 'shadow' or it cuts and bleeds or pulls the hair out and again
causes bleeding.

Basically, is it worth it?

hmm - on a overall idea, would it worth it if dlv also had member review
of products web site by it s members? I don't seem to find
anything like that.

It might be helpful in avoiding stuff that really gave problems, and
what were the problems, or does the product really work good?

Example of basic liquid makeup: Brand X: liquid foundation Good covering
dark spots minimum coverage gives a powder look, but if one sweats it
melts off leaving streaks and blotches, where thicker applications
begins to show cracks.

But foundation is priced reasonable between $xx to $xx. Bad: not many
variations to match skin color, not many asian skin colors, foundation
disappears after 3 hrs and skin flaws and blemishes begin to appear.

Another Example:

Neet - Liquid chemical hair removal cream.

Recommendations: use skin care and skin moisturizers to minimize
eventual itching when hair grows back (stubble) that can begin within
hours of usage. Product does well in removing most hair, but must follow
instructions and it takes time.

Bad: 1. More than recommended usage causes skin burns and blisters where
skin becomes raw 2. doesn't remove all the hair 3. hair stubble that
interferes with using nylon hosiery and itching of skin within 3 days,
itching leads to scratches, bleeding, and possible scars4. leaves strong
odor in bath tub5. cause drain to clog with the large amount of hair

Other effective products: 1. Waxing 2. Shaving razor blade 3. Electric


(This posting was entered by kumiko yvonne watanabe, an external user of MyDLV.)
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