7 Day Mexican Riviera Tgirl Cruise

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7 Day Mexican Riviera Tgirl Cruise

Postby External Poster » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:13 am

This posting is from: Cassandra

Hi Everyone!

Don't miss the most EXCITING event the Rose City Tgirls have ever put
together. A 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise with ports in Cabo, Mazatlan
and Puerto Vallarta on the Star Princess with Princess Cruises. You are
the first to hear about it and you can book early to receive a great
incentive! We are going to send this out to everyone we know and get as
many as we can throughout the US to attend. We already have 11 total
people committed with 8 of them being Tgirls and this is the very first
email we have even sent to anyone in regards to it. It will only get
bigger and BIGGER!

You have plenty of time to save your $$$ as the cruise wont be until
Sat, Oct 13th 2018 to Sat, Oct 20th 2018 leaving and finishing in Los
Angeles. I don't have the exact cost but it is approximately $1250.00
per person based on double occupancy for BALCONY ROOMS. In other words,
if you want your own room, it would be approximately $2500.00. This
includes all fees and taxes. You are welcome to upgrade for more money
to bigger rooms or get an interior room for less money.

If you book your room by Aug 31st and ONLY by Aug 31st, you will get
free ALL YOU CAN DRINK ALCOHOL (must be drinks under $10), soda, and
juice for the entire cruise!!! There will be NO exceptions for this
offer after Aug 31st.

In order to book a room, you must put a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit down and
pick your room. The $100 would simply go towards your cruise. You have
up to 75 days prior to the cruise to pay it in full.

Since we will be on International Waters, we have already worked out
bathroom issues, boarding and unboarding, and checking in as girls. It's
all GOOD! We have one person with Princess Cruises that is handling all
our bookings and questions.

If you are truly interested and want to book a spot with us on this
cruise, you MUST send me an email to get our code and the booking info
and the person to call.


Here is the link to the cruise itself... check out the rooms, the ship,
the shore excursions and more.... Remember, when you see the internet
pricing, rooms START at_____.... those are not the best of the rooms.
You all get FREE upgrades to the midship area for balcony rooms...


For those that haven't cruised before, there is unlimited food and
restaurants which is all inclusive. There is entertainment every night
in the Princess Theater. There are many shore excursions and tours you
can go on in the ports. There 5-10 different bars. Swimming pools, hot
tubs, outdoor track, fitness center, spa, basketball court, movie
theater, and so much more....It's just endless activities for you to

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Re: 7 Day Mexican Riviera Tgirl Cruise

Postby jackie ddcups » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:38 pm

we are very interested in the cruise, we have been asking our local cruise travel guide, but he cant find a tgirl cruise, please send me more info
jackie ddcups
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7 Day Mexican Riviera Tgirl Cruise

Postby External Poster » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:02 am

This posting is from: Mindy

I remember getting some info on the cruise but it didn't come from me.


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7 Day Mexican Riviera Tgirl Cruise

Postby External Poster » Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:02 pm

This posting is from: Susan Miller

HI Jackie,

This is being arranged by the Rose City T-girls and all are welcome.

Cassandra is actually working with the cruise ship on this and has asked
all those interested to e-mail her for information, here is her e-mail
address cassandra@rosecitytgirls.com and information below. Looks like
we have some girls fro Seattle and Sacramento who are also going. We
have also set up a yahoo group for this event that we are hoping we can
use for information if we can get girls to sign up


Hugs Susan

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