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DLV 2017 attendee survey report, part 2 ...

Postby External Poster » Wed May 03, 2017 6:19 am

This posting is from: Diva Las Vegas

These are the textual comments received on the DLV 2017 attendee survey.

Restroom comments:

At the Paris, other girls always tried to follow me into the bathroom
and I felt strange about that.
. . . . .

No problems
. . . . .

No bathroom problems at all this yr
. . . . . . . . . .

Activity suggestions:

a bar crawl
any popular show that's playing at the time
dancing at a mainstream nightclub
ATV tour in the desert
. . . . .

Top golf again. I missed it this year but all the girls who went raved
about it.
. . . . .

You probably want afternoon activities to end by 4pm, to give you a
chance to go back to your hotel for a nap and get ready for evening
Happy Hours, Dinner and any late nite dancing.
. . . . .

more detailed/ better directions
. . . . .

More dancing.
. . . . .

Karaoke (many options in relatively close proximity of the Flamingo).
. . . . .

I am not really interested in the daytime activities. I like to go to
clubs and bars. But, the selection is limited, Paris, and no other
choices. I wish there was more clubbing. I am doubtful if I will come
next year.
. . . . .

Go on a hike at Red Rock or Lake Meade
. . . . .

Wig shopping at serge's
. . . . .

Have a bar at EHM museum
. . . . .

More high dollars shows, clubs and restaurants
. . . . .

More shows
. . . . . . . . . .

New venue suggestions:

Lawry's for prime rib, an an excuse to dress very nice. Sergio's quiet
off the strip Italian with piano entertainment, and singing waiter.
. . . . .

toby keith in harras
. . . . .

Bootlegger, but in guy mode
. . . . .

Allow more time between events to change and freshen up
. . . . .

Went to Ocean Club, Carnevenos, Absynthe Show and Michael Jackson One
. . . . . . . . . .

General comments:

Overall, one of the best DLVs of all times.
. . . . .

I really enjoy coming to Vegas, where I can express myself and not worry
about anyone recognizing me I have been to Vegas around 8-10 times, and
enjoy doing all the tourist things there are to do, It is starting to
get old though as I have seen most of the shows, Diva Las Vegas was just
an incentive to come, but now that to is getting a little stale. This
time of year things get a little busy for me here at home, so while I
will probably find time to visit Vegas again, it might not be when Diva
Las Vegas is going on. I think of Diva Las Vegas as a kind of support
system, and I do not feel I need that support any longer, as I am quite
comfortable being out and about on my own.
. . . . .

I wished i stayed where most of the group stayed the (flamingo) being
new to going out felt isolated getting to and from events
. . . . .

I was signed up for happy hour and dinner at Margaritaville. I showed up
at about 6pm and went to the bar and no one else from DLV was there. I
started chatting with 2 cute girls and they started buying me drinks and
I ended up hanging out with them for about 3 hours. I missed dinner but
didn't care, lol. The bar there also had a great 80's cover band and I
danced there for awhile before heading over to the Cabaret at Paris.
. . . . .

I was locked out of my room because of a mistake on the part of the
hotel. Getting back in required me to meet with multiple members of the
hotel staff. They all treated me with respect. I am following up with
hotel management in an effort to further improve their customer service.
. . . . .

WHEN I updated my sign up activities I noticed the Bahama breeze welcome
dinner attend would disappear and I had to re enter it, only problem I
. . . . .

was unable to attend this function at this date. had a business matter
occur prior to first day and was out of state for two weeks. hope to
attend a future DLV function in future
. . . . .

Need to send out welcome text to DLV group early and perhaps everyday,
so people are reminded the feature is there? I only notice it being used
the last couple of days.
. . . . .

A big thank you to all the volunteers that made this happen. Your hard
work is appreciated.
. . . . .

My first attempt at participating in Dlv was unfortunately mostly
disappointing. Perhaps it was my fault as I could only arrive on Wed? I
tried attending happy hour my first night and arrived early. I sat at
the bar with the only other tg there, another first time attendee whom
unfortunately wasn't feeling well and had to leave. I sat at the bar by
myself the rest of the time. Happy hour and Dinner on Friday night was
another even on my list. I went to the restaurant and walked around but
did not find anyone. A text message asking for help went unanswered. I
left to seek dinner elsewhere.

Overall, basedcon my admittedly brief experiences, us that dlv is a bit
clicky and not all that welcoming to newcomers to the group. Hopefully,
my experience was an aberration because I think it's awesome that the
volunteers put in so much work to plan a tg event.
. . . . .

I live in vegas and this was my first time really being out. It was my
first time at Diva and wont be my last. Loved it. Friendly reception at
most all events. Took a while to get used to how things worked. thank
you all
. . . . .

I did the text group to listen in and dndt send any texts out.
. . . . .

you need a means for girls to share rides i went to an event and fount
that several other girls drove from flamingo with plenty of free seats
. . . . .

Thank you again. Great trip. Great folks there.
. . . . .

Very nice people but some of your texts were garbled and scrambled and
hard to read.
. . . . .

Why did they close the bar and take it out of erotic musem?
. . . . .

Thank you for a great time All the girls were great this year
. . . . .

Very fun Diva this year. Please bring back some of the events of
yesteryear, clubbing, Soiled Doves, bar crawl, big shows.
. . . . .

You need to give us the number or address to send texts to. I could not
figure it out.
. . . . .

I knew about Flamingo checkin. Didn't use but not scared to. You need an
answer selection for that.
. . . . .

Wish more of the girls would keep wearing name tags i forget names and
is awkward to keep asking (moved from restroom comments)
. . . . .

Method to know who is at what hotel and the events they are attending in
order to carpool (moved from activity comments)
. . . . .

keep up the good work (moved from activity comments)

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