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Postby External Poster » Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:33 pm

This posting is from: Annie

As of this time, we have the following individuals signed up to be on
the Pinkfest 2018 Group Text.

Annie, Elena, Julie, Laura, Stefanie, Valerie

If you wish to send and receive Group Text messages via phone or email
and are not listed above, please respond to this message with your cell
phone number (or email address) ASAP.

Messages sent to the Group text address will be forwarded to all on the
Group Text list.

The last 25 Group Text messages will always appear on line here:


The Group Text will be turned on Monday evening and a brief test message
will be sent to the group. No replies to this test message are
expected. If you are subscribed to the Group Text and do not receive
this by 9:00pm CDT on Monday, please email me (annie@annie.net) and say
so and I will examine the logs and see what's going on.

For those who have used this before, for Pinkfest 2018 a "barnacle
scraper" has been added to the processing to eliminate the cruft which
often appears in replies.

If there are any questions about Group Text, please either email me at
annie@annie.net or text me at 702-218-3227. Although I will not be
arriving at Pinkfest until Wednesday afternoon, I will be available by
phone or text before I arrive.

(This posting was entered by Annie, an external user of MyDLV.)
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