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Pinkfest 2018 schedule as of Sep 18 ...

Postby External Poster » Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:33 pm

This posting is from: Pinkfest

We're considering this to be mostly complete as of this time, but
there still may be some changes and additions.

Tuesday, September 25:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Cheesecake Factory) - ms
1:30pm: Shopping (Michigan Avenue) - ms
3:30pm: Chicago Architecture Boat Tour (Michigan Avenue boat docks) - ms
5:30pm: Dinner and Jazz (Museum of Contemporary Art) - ms
8:00pm: Quality Social Time (Signature Lounge Hancock Bldg) - ms

Wednesday, September 26:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Il Vicolo Trattoria) - ms
2:00pm: Tour of Unity Temple (Unity Temple) - ms
3:00pm: Kelly Inc Open House (Kelly Inc) - sv
3:30pm: Matinee at Lake Theater (Lake Theater Oak Park) - ms
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Winberies) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Winberies) - ms
9:00pm: Quality Social Time (Bar Louie Oak Park) - ms

Thursday, September 27:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Ann Sather Belmont) - ms
3:00pm: Legacy Walk Tour (tbd) - ms
5:00pm: Wine Tasting (Taste Food and Wine) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (R Public House) - ms
9:00pm: Quality Social Time (R Public House) - ms

Friday, September 28:
11:00am: Fall Fashion at Nordstroms (Nordstrom Grand Avenue) - ms
12:30pm: Lunch Without Ginger (Nordstrom Cafe) - ms
2:00pm: Day to night glam with Estee (Nordstrom Grand Avenue) - ms
5:00pm: Happy Hour (Drew's On Halsted) - ms
6:00pm: Dinner (Drew's On Halsted) - ms
8:00pm: Shark Tank The Musical (Annoyance Theater) - ms
10:00pm: Quality Social Time (Shakers Lounge) - sv

Saturday, September 29:
11:00am: Expo Chicago (Navy Pier) - ms
1:00pm: Lunch Without Ginger (Harry Caray Navy Pier) - ms
3:00pm: Nell Gwynn (Chicago Shakespeare) - ms
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Tavern On Rush) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Tavern On Rush) - ms
9:00pm: Zanies Comedy Club (Zanies on Wells) - sv

Sunday, September 30:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Maggiano's Little Italy) - ms
4:00pm: Best of Second City (Second City) - ms
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Twin Anchors) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Twin Anchors) - ms

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