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Pinkfest 2017 final schedule ...

Postby annie » Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:20 am

This is about as final as it gets! :)

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, September 26:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (TBA) - ms
8:00pm: Quality Social Time (Big Chicks) - sv

Wednesday, September 27:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Malnati Oak Park) - ms
2:00pm: Kelly Inc Open House (Kelly Inc) - sv
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Winberies) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Winberies) - ms
9:00pm: Quality Social Time (Hamburger Mary Oak Park) - sv

Thursday, September 28:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Ann Sather Belmont) - ms
2:30pm: Mid-afternoon dessert (Jenivee's Bakery) - sv
6:00pm: Wine Tasting (Taste Food and Wine) - ms
8:00pm: 1984 (Raven Theater) - ms
9:00pm: Quality Social Time (R Public House) - ms

Friday, September 29:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Billy Goat Tavern Navy Pier) - ms
1:30pm: Navy Pier (Navy Pier) - ms
4:30pm: Happy Hour (Ronny's Steakhouse) - ms
5:30pm: Dinner (Ronny's Steakhouse) - ms
7:30pm: Taming of the Shrew (Chicago Shakespeare Theater) - ms
9:30pm: Quality Social Time (Drake Coq d'Or) - ms

Saturday, September 30:
11:30am: Lunch Without Ginger (The Berghoff) - ms
4:30pm: Happy Hour (Twin Anchors) - ms
5:30pm: Dinner (Twin Anchors) - ms
8:00pm: Spamilton (Royal George Theater) - ms
10:30pm: Quality Social Time (Sabatino's) - ms

Sunday, October 1:
12:00n: Lunch Without Ginger (Appellation on Clark) - ms
6:00pm: Happy Hour (Italian Village) - ms
7:00pm: Dinner (Italian Village) - ms
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