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Wine tasting confirmed ...

Postby annie » Fri Sep 22, 2017 6:20 pm

I just spoke to Phoebe a while ago and she's looking forward to our visit again.

I offered to spring for a couple of bottles for the session, but she INSISTED that it be on the house, so please convey your thanks when you visit.

For those listening in, particularly those who may be a bit shy of public exposure, this activity will be the perfect opportunity to meet the gang and join in with a very low-key atmosphere. The business, Taste Food and Wine, is TG owned and operated, and members of our community are most welcome. They are expecting us Thursday evening.

This is right outside the Jarvis El station, and there is usually plenty of parking in the area.

We don't have a Happy Hour on Thursday, so that could be a Happy Hour to speak. We also don't have an official dinner that evening, but there are at least two places in the immediate area, an Indian restaurant just across the street, and the R Public House, which has American bar type food. R Public House is also (partly) TG owned and operated.
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