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Postby annie » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:48 am

> I was informed by Laura Wright on FB that I could request a schedule for
> PinkFest.

We don't have a daily schedule yet. It will be made in the next few months and details will appear here. Please stay tuned for details.

> I may not be able to make all events, but I would like to
> attend some, and maybe even put together some film of the fest for my
> show...The Jackie Oooo Show.

We've never had any "coverage" for Pinkfest, but at our sister event, Diva Las Vegas, we've almost always respectfully declined coverage, both from mainstream and LGBT media.

I'm not everyone, so let's hear from others as to where you stand on the coverage issue for Pinkfest. I would personally suggest that if you do any filming, it be discreet and not distract from the event, and that the use of any recognizable likenesses be strictly "opt in", as we do have a few who are camera-shy.
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