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Pinkfest 2015 - Things To Come ...

Postby External Poster » Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:27 pm

This posting is from: Pinkfest

This is not an official call for RSVPs yet. This is just a note on what
is happening over the next several days leading up to Pinkfest.

One very important item is that if you have any questions, concerns,
etc., please get them in as soon as possible, so there's time to act on
them prior to the big event!

The way you confirm your Pinkfest attendance and "sign up" for some of
the various activities is to respond to a special RSVP mailing which
will be coming out around this coming weekend. This will be sent to this
forum, will be conspicuously marked, and we'll verify that it is seen on
the MyDLV forum, via e-mail, and on the Yahoo group. A response to that
mailing will be "the one that counts" for signing up for Pinkfest.

If you'll be attending only the activities which need no formal RSVP, we
still ask you to please respond to the RSVP mailing so we will know to
expect you.

Those who respond in the affirmative to the RSVP mailing will receive
in response:

1. A link to the final "official" Pinkfest schedule, which will give
a calendar-like view with "drill down" to activity, venue, map, and
contact info.

2. Cell phone numbers of at least two of the Pinkfest organizers, to be
used if there are any questions, concerns, you need further info, you
have trouble finding the group, etc.

3. (Experimental this year) Group text information. We'll be trying out
a feature which will allow you to send and receive text messages via
e-mail or cell phone to and from the other attendees.

Please be sure to watch your inboxes closely over the next several days!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago next week. :)

(This posting was entered by Pinkfest, an external user of MyDLV.)
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