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Registering for Pinfest, schedule, etc. ...

Postby annie » Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:04 pm

Here are the answers to a couple of recent questions ...

We're a lot less formal with Pinkfest than we are with DLV, since we're quite a bit smaller and don't need the formality - yet. :)

You "register" for Pinkfest by simply stating that you will be in attendance, either via e-mail to, on the Pinkfest Discussion Forum (viewforum.php?f=13) or the associated Yahoo group.

The main Pinkfest page is: but there's no "register" button or tab. :)

You'll sign up for activities by answering the "Call For RSVP" e-mail that will go out shortly before the event.

We're working on the schedule. We have Wednesday and Thursday mostly done, as well as Tuesday night (Pre-Pink) but still working on the other days. We'll post a preliminary schedule as soon as it's ready for prime time.

Of course, if anyone wants to see something in particular on the schedule, please say so.

Hope to see everyone in October! :)
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