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PF 2006 hotel notes and photos ...

Postby External Poster » Tue Sep 05, 2006 12:28 pm

This posting is from: annie

This originally came from an on-line chat between me and Ginger, but I'm
sharing with all, since it's time to get those hotel reservations in if
you have not done so already.

I was in Chicago on business, and one evening I snuck away and looked at
a few reasonably-priced hotels that we were discussing.

These three are all in the River North area, just north of the main
downtown Loop area.

First is the Ohio House Motel. I've known of this one for countless years
but never really checked it out. Here are a couple photos of it:

>From the outside, it looks very OK. I'm sure it's nothing fancy, but it
does not look like a total rathole.

It's on Ohio between Wells and LaSalle, roughly one block south and a
part of a block east of Ed's.

Next is the Howard Johnsons. This is on LaSalle, just north of Ontario,
or about one block away from Ed's, Hard Rock, and Chicago Chop House.

Looks like nothing fancy, but I'm sure they have to at least pass the
Hojo inspection once a year. :)

Next is the Cass Hotel. I didn't take any photos (no reason in
particular, just nothing really to show). This is on Wabash, just north
of Ontario, or about 5 blocks east of Ed's. Contrary to what I may have
said on line, this is the closest to the Red Line subway of all of these
hotels. It looks decent, but again, nothing fancy. It's an older
highrise hotel, and I'm sure it's of the same vintage and condition as
the Red Roof Inn and the Best Western River North.

If you won't have a vehicle and don't wanna spend a fortune, I think
these are good choices. I think all of these will be fine for PF,
assuming you're not too picky. :)

Out west, there are two hotels adjacent to Hunters Dance Club in Elk
Grove Village. One is the Day's Inn. I've actually stayed there. Nothing
fancy, but very decent. There's also a Hojo across the street. This one
looks a bit nicer than the one downtown.

You'll definitely need a vehicle with either of these.

East of Hunters along Higgins Road there are more, Exel Inn, Best
Western, etc. You'll need a vehicle with any of these.

Hope you can find this useful. :)

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