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Dates for Pinkfest 2006 ...

Postby External Poster » Fri Jun 02, 2006 6:00 am

This posting is from: Pinkfest

It's time to get the ball rolling, gang ... :)

I would like to make a very conspicuous announcement in the June-July
DLV general mailing about Pinkfest, which will come out around the
end of this month.

In order to generate any substantial interest, I would sure like to be
able to announce the dates, as opposed to "dates will be announced Real
Soon Now" and such. :)

Therefore, I think it's time we get the process moving to select the
dates for Pinkfest 2006.

I did discover something, I don't really know what it is though, which
will most likely affect our choice of dates.

In checking hotel rates in advance (a lesson learned from the first
attempt to schedule DLV this year) I'm showing that something is going
on over the span of October 19 - 22 (which would be the same place on
the calendar as the past two Pinkfests) to cause some of our favorite
hotels (Red Roof Inn, Fairfield) to be sold out and rates on others in
the area to be abnormally high.

Rates for the following week (Oct 26 - 29) are a bit higher than what I
consider normal, but not obscenely high or sold out already.

Hotel rates for the periods of October 5 - 8 and October 12 - 15 are
much closer to what I consider normal.

Therefore, I'm proposing that we schedule Pinkfest for either October
5-8 or October 12-15 this year.

I know that some have issues with certain weekends of the month. The 5-8
span is the first full weekend of October (October 1 is Sunday) and the
12-15 span is the second full weekend of October.

Please write in with your feedback on the October 5-8 and October 12-15,
stating which (if either, or both) will work for you.

If you are absolutely locked out by one or the other, please say so AS

Thanks, gang. Looking forward to PF 2006 already! :)

(This posting was entered by Pinkfest, an external user of MyDLV.)
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