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Postby External Poster » Wed Jul 07, 2021 7:25 pm

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Reserve your hotel room now!

Coleen O'Donnell has negotiated a great room rate for Pinkfest attendees
at the Whitehall, a boutique hotel in the heart of Chicago's Gold Coast.
It is just steps away from North Michigan Avenue and easy access to
public transit.

Pinkfest coincidentally will be during Pridefest this year since they
moved it to the first weekend in October due to Covid.

Room rates are going to go up quickly, so please secure your room soon.
The final schedule for September 28-October 3rd will be out in July.

Several people are helping to finalize events: Lana S. Lane is planning
a dinner and a night of Karaoke in Blue Island., Stefanie Clark is
planning a special day with a fall fashion show at Nordstrom on North
Michigan Avenue, Michelle McGuire is planning a night out at a Chicago
Blues club, and Phoebe Snowe will be hosting an evening wine tasting at
her shop in Jarvis Square.

You can secure your room at this link:


Please help us fill out our block of rooms before the end of August!
Thank you for your help!


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