DLV Trivia Quiz 3

This is an updated version of the previous quizes which have appeared over the years. Some of the original questions occur here, some of the questions are new.

There are 20 questions to this quiz. Please answer them the best you can. Some questions may have more than one correct answer, in which case any correct answer will be counted.

The first person to score 100% on his or her first attempt will be entitled to a small but enjoyable reward during DLV 2011. If no 100% scores are received by DLV 2011, the first person scoring the highest will win instead.

Good luck. :)

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1. The event we now know as Diva Las Vegas was first conceived by users communicating over what medium?

a. AOL chat room
b. Internet Relay Chat
c. CB radio
d. ICQ

2. The total input to the Las Vegas economy resulting from DLV 2010 has been estimated as approximately:

a. $10,000.00
b. $50,000.00
c. $100,000.00
d. over $200,000.00

3. The annual Limousine Tour has been an ongoing affair ever since it first appeared in 2001.

A very popular recurring stop for the Limo Tour, for photos and for mingling, occurs at what casino in Downtown Las Vegas?

a. El Cortez
b. Fremont
c. Four Queens
d. The Mint

4. The daily Lunch With Ginger is one of the most popular ongoing DLV activities. What we now know as Lunch With Ginger was in actuality started by someone other than Ginger. Who was that?

a. Tina
b. Tommie
c. Tammy
d. None of the above

5. What was the last year in which all DLV attendees were ever in one place at the same time?

a. 1997
b. 1998
c. 1999
d. This has never happened in the history of DLV.

6. Over the years, DLV has frequented several clubs and restaurants located in the corner bay of the building at the intersection of Paradise and Naples. This has changed names and ownership several times in our history. This site was originally the home of the long-standing LaStrada restaurant and stands between Milano's and the Double Down.

Which of the following was NOT the name of a club or restaurant on this site?

a. Sasha's
b. Suede
c. Blush
d. Blyss
e. Tramps

7. The very first DLV get-together of all times happened in which venue?

a. Goodtimes Lounge
b. Del Mar Motel
c. Sahara Hotel
d. Las Vegas Lounge

8. How many DLV attendees have perfect attendance, meaning present at DLV for all years from 1997 through 2010?

a. None
b. One
c. Two
d. Three

9. DLV had its first overseas attendee in what year?

a. Svetlana, in 1997
b. Ursula, in 1998
c. Michelle, in 1999
d. Cynthia, in 2000

10. The DLV gang has befriended a very charismatic bartender who normally works the grave shift at the Bellagio. What is his name?

a. Joe
b. Louie
c. Charles
d. Aloysius

11. Another event, which is sometimes considered to be a spinoff of DLV, occurs each October in Chicago. What is the name of this event?

a. Chicago Comfort
b. Be-All
c. Chicago Dreaming
d. Pinkfest

12. The correct spelling of a very nasty highly toxic liquid is:

a. Galiano [sic]
b. Galliano
c. Isobutyl nitrite
d. Dimethyl hydrazine

13. Most of the casinos on the "Las Vegas" strip are actually outside of the city limits of Las Vegas. What is the name of the township in which the mid and south Strip casinos such as the Imperial Palace, Harrah's, and Paris are located?

a. Green Valley
b. Sandy Valley
c. Winchester
d. Paradise

14. What is the only hotel which has had DLV attendees for all years?

a. Imperial Palace
b. Riviera
c. Stardust
d. Sahara

15. Who is buried in Grant's Tomb.

a. True
b. False
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

16. One of the questions on this quiz has no correct answer.

a. True
b. False
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

17. What was the latest start date of any DLV event over the years?

a. May 14th
b. June 3rd
c. May 2nd
d. May 9th

18. Which local church has welcomed DLV attendees at its Sunday services over the past several years?

a. Saint Viator
b. Metropolitan Community Church
c. First Unitarian
d. Church of Diuretics and Scamitology

19. What is the name of the Lake Mead paddlewheel excursion boat on which DLV attendees have taken tours over the years?

a. Lake Mead Express
b. Colorado Belle
c. Desert Cruiser
d. Desert Princess

20. According to the Standing Rules of the DLV volunteers, no DLV events or activities can occur on what day?

a. Easter
b. Any day of Passover
c. Mothers Day
d. Any date after May