The Night Of The Soiled Doves

The sun was setting over the Pahrump valley as our entourage pulled in to the parking lot with a hearse (Sr. Densie in the pilot seat), a limo, a minivan, and several other vehicles carrying 37 assorted Soiled Doves and one token straight. :)
As we assembled for group photos "no, wait, one more!" a crowd began to gather on the porch, and they cheered when we finally rang the bell for admittance.

"Hey, can't you read?!"
"What sign?"
"Bell out of order, please knock."

As we entered, roses and Peeps were given to the ladies present, champagne corks popped, hors d'oeuvres were served, and cordial but guarded introductions quickly turned to vivacious girl talk as the group mingled, noshed, imbibed, and got to know each other. We did appreciate the "Welcome DLV" banner above the bar. :)

The hour seemed to end right after it began (I do think we stretched it a bit) as 37 assorted "doves" climbed back in to the vehicles and headed off back to Las Vegas.

Two words describe the facility and the ladies: PURE CLASS!

Will Sonic ever be the same?

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